Perkins: Gay Rights Causes Global Religious Persecution

Perkins: Gay Rights Causes Global Religious Persecution November 18, 2014

Tony Perkins and Rick Santorum were on the radio together last week and Perkins declared that Christians are being persecuted around the world because this country has begun to stop persecuting gay people. Because there’s obviously a direct link between those things.

“You hate to use the term persecution, because when you look around the world, we see real religious persecution,” Santorum, who was guest hosting Steve Deace’s show, said. “We see people dying, churches being burned, we see mass killings of Christians, so I sort of tread lightly on the world persecution.”

But, he added, “this is really the first time in this country where we’ve seen any kind of coordinated effort of government really imposing its will on the American public and forcing them to comply or else.”

Perkins told Santorum that he need not use caution in referring to things like nondiscrimination ordinances in the U.S. as “persecution,” telling him “there is a correlation…between the increase in persecution abroad and the increase of intolerance from our own government here at home.”

“They feel like if it’s not a priority for us to have religious freedom here at home, then certainly it’s not going to be a priority for us to speak out for the persecuted peoples abroad,” he said.

So let me see if I understand this. If Christians aren’t allowed to persecute gay people by refusing to serve them or hire them in their businesses, Christians are being persecuted and no one will care about Christians being killed around the world. Mr. Orwell, call your office.

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