Wingnut: The Gay All About Population Control

Wingnut: The Gay All About Population Control November 18, 2014

Julio Severo is a Brazilian wingnut who is now writing for BarbWire, where he makes the incredibly absurd claim that the fight for LGBT equality is really all about reducing the population. Because, silly rabbit, causal connections are for intelligent people, none of which can be found here. Referring to a USAID conference on gay rights around the world last week, he writes:

The conference is bringing together government officials, private funders, business leaders, scholars and homosexual activists from more than 30 countries to increase coordination, cooperation and resources dedicated to promoting the homosexual agenda around the world, and to ensure full inclusion of homosexual activists in political power structures.

The conference is focusing on diplomatic and foreign assistance strategies to address homosexual issues around the world. It is also discussing the best ways to engage faith communities to support the homosexual agenda and to integrate it into development programs.

If Sodom gave the world an untrained and unsophisticated homosexual militancy, America can be proud that she has surpassed Sodom, by giving the world an aggressive, trained and sophisticated homosexual militancy.

Will the U.S. government efforts to integrate the gay agenda into development programs and political power structures succeed? I fear so. Forty years ago, NSSM 200, a highly classified U.S. government document, made it clear that the U.N., the World Bank and many other major international organizations should be used to integrate population control into development and healthcare programs. Population control was presented as “family planning,” but its objective was never family well-being. It was population reduction to meet the U.S. ambitions to seize or save natural resources from other nations for current and future American use. Because of the U.S. efforts forty years, today “family planning” is as natural as marriage itself.

Evidently, now the strategy is to make the gay agenda and its fake marriage as natural as “family planning.”

God turned Sodom into ashes. America is distinguishing herself by making Sodom global and refined. She is spreading the Sodom ashes around the world to sow a new, bigger and global Sodom.

Yes, because obviously if we start treating gay people like human beings with equal rights, everyone is going to immediately going to become gay, stop having children and destroy the species. Because The Gay, according to the Christian right, is the single most alluring thing in the history of ever. It’s so overwhelmingly tempting that we must make the lives of gay people miserable in order to keep people becoming gay. This is what these bigots actually believe.

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  • Chiroptera

    Well there is one connection between LGBT rights and population reduction: they are both good things. Since the right wing reflexively opposes all good things, then there’s another connection.

  • John Pieret

    The conference is focusing on diplomatic and foreign assistance strategies to address homosexual issues around the world.

    “Issues” like being killed by mobs, thrown in jail for just being gay, not being allowed to advocate for their rights, etc., etc. Such are the horrors of the “gay agenda”!

  • roggg

    Who knew that the human population was critically dependent on gay people not getting married to each other?

  • outraged

    But… But… the gay IS contagious! Now that gay marriage is a requirement here in MN, I now wear heels, fishnets and a garterbelt to work, not a suit like I used to. I don’t pick up women in bars anymore, I cruise men’s rooms with dozens of other hot, sweaty, hairy men having wild, oily sex right out in the open.

    No, wait. That’s Michael Savages daydream. Whew. Just checked. Still wearing my boxer briefs. (Although they are a fancy shade of blue.)