Bigot: America Will Revolt if SCOTUS Votes for Marriage Equality

Bigot: America Will Revolt if SCOTUS Votes for Marriage Equality November 19, 2014

It’s immensely amusing and satisfying to me when anti-gay bigots pretend that they’re still a massive force capable of passing a constitutional amendment. Phil Burress of Citizens for Community Values says that if the Supreme Court strikes down state laws banning same-sex marriage there will be an “uprising” and the constitution will be amended to overturn that ruling.

Speaking over the weekend with Mission America’s Linda Harvey, Burress said he feared that the Supreme Court “will force same-sex marriage on all fifty states,” adding that “the nation is not going to stand for this.”

Burress added that in the event of such a ruling anti-gay activists will be forced to reorganize and launch a new campaign to amend the Constitution: “I really believe if the Supreme Court was to rule the wrong way, I think you’re going to see an uprising and a demand for a constitutional amendment that takes this matter out of the hands of the courts and puts it back into the states.”

And it will be just as successful as identical “uprisings” to amend the constitution that came after the Supreme Court forbid school segregation in 1954, after it overturned state laws against interracial marriage in 1967, after it upheld a right to choose an abortion in 1973, after it ruled that flag burning was protected speech in 1989, after it overturned state sodomy laws in 2003, and so forth.

Less than 40% of Americans now oppose same-sex marriage. A constitutional amendment requires a two-thirds vote of both houses of Congress and three-quarters of the states. I’ll win the Olympic gold medal in synchronized swimming before that happens.

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