Fischer: Muslim Prayer Service ‘Desecrated’ Cathedral

Fischer: Muslim Prayer Service ‘Desecrated’ Cathedral November 19, 2014

The irony of all this criticism from the Christian right over the Muslim prayer service at the National Cathedral is that it’s really nothing more than an Episcopalian church (the government has no role in it), which they almost certainly don’t think is a real Christian church anyway. But here’s Bryan Fischer ranting about it:

Fischer, who was already on record as opposing the prayer service, said on his radio show today that allowing Muslims to gather to pray to a “demon god who goes by the name of Allah” was a desecration of the National Cathedral, asserting that it is all part of Islam’s attempt to destroy America from within.

“This was an act of spiritual and national sabotage,” Fischer said. “It’s as if they had dug some tunnels under the floor of the National Cathedral and filled them with explosives to completely obliterate our spiritual history and our spiritual traditions.”

It also cracks me up how they’re all ignoring the fact that the Muslims were invited there. You’d think by listening to them that they sent a suicide bomber inside to clear the place of Christians so they could take over. And if your “spiritual traditions” can be obliterated by letting Muslims in a church for one night, then I’d say they deserve to be obliterated.


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