A Racist Assistant Principal Who Needs To Be Fired

A Racist Assistant Principal Who Needs To Be Fired November 20, 2014

For those who think racism is no longer a problem, read this appalling story. An assistant principle from Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk, Virginia tweeted a picture of 7 couples going to prom, all the girls white and all the boys black. The caption: “every white girl’s father’s worst nightmare or not.” Seriously, WTF?

Students say it’s hurtful to see one of their school leaders tweet something like that.

“Me being a young African-American, I don’t think of myself as anyone’s worst nightmare,” said Michael Lemelle, a student at Booker T. Washington.

Washington and about a dozen other students walked out of school Monday to protest the issue. They say that’s the only way they feel they can be heard.

They have taken their concerns to other administrators and even the school board, but nothing has been done, yet.

“This was the only actual way we could get someone’s attention, was to walk outside. It shouldn’t have come to this, but she’s avoided all meetings and public speakings and emails, just avoided them all,” said Washington…

Shortly after 13News Now asked Norfolk Public Schools about the tweet, it disappeared. Later, the entire twitter account was deleted too. Students say since then, administrators haven’t done anything to resolve the issue. The students who protested don’t want to see anyone get fired, they just want the issue addressed.

“The students will even tell you, we don’t want her to be fired because everybody needs a job. Transfer her, punish her, do something to let us know it has not gone unnoticed,” said student Shakira Harris.

No, she needs to be fired. How anyone in her position could possibly think that was anything but inappropriate is completely beyond my comprehension.

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