Rafael Cruz Repeats David Barton Lie

Rafael Cruz Repeats David Barton Lie November 20, 2014

Rafeal Cruz, father of Sen. Ted Cruz, gives a lot of speeches that are little more than recitations of right wing myths and he borrows from David Barton a lot. But while speaking at John Hagee’s church, he repeated one of Barton’s most ridiculous lies, that the Supreme Court removed mandatory Bible reading from schools because it could cause “brain damage.”


In reality, this was expert testimony during the district court trial. And it had nothing to do with “brain damage” but with the psychological effect of forcing kids of other religions to read the Bible. Here’s what the trial court ruling said about that testimony:

Dr. Solomon Grayzel testified that there were marked differences between the Jewish Holy Scriptures and the Christian Holy Bible, the most obvious of which was the absence of the New Testament in the Jewish Holy Scriptures. Dr. Grayzel testified that portions of the New Testament were offensive to Jewish tradition, and that, from the standpoint of Jewish faith, the concept of Jesus Christ as the Son of God was “practically blasphemous.” He cited instances in the New Testament which, assertedly, were not only sectarian in nature but tended to bring the Jews into ridicule or scorn. Dr. Grayzel gave as his expert opinion that such material from the New Testament could be explained to Jewish children in such a way as to do no harm to them. But if portions of the New Testament were read without explanation, they could be, and, in his specific experience with children, Dr. Grayzel observed, had been, psychologically harmful to the child, and had caused a divisive force within the social media of the school.

That’s all perfectly reasonable but it doesn’t support the Christian right’s narrative about that ruling. So they lie about it. A lot.

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  • Kevin Kehres

    These people would not know a factual statement if it walked up and bit them in the ass.

  • John Pieret

    On the other hand, if you listen to the loudest Bible thumpers on the right, the hypothesis that reading the Bible causes brain damage is not all that unbelievable. The only problem with the idea is that most of those people don’t really read the Bible all that much.

  • D. C. Sessions

    Why should they make up their own lies when Barton has industrial efficiency of scale going for him?

  • freehand

    I’m not sure that most of them could understand the testimony by the expert witness even if they wanted to. It’s bad for kids, and has something to do with behavior, so they must be talking about brain damage, yes?

    Being hostile to the possibility that reading their scriptures in school is bad doesn’t help, granted.