Kobach Revives the ‘Obama phone’ bullshit

Kobach Revives the ‘Obama phone’ bullshit November 25, 2014

Kris Kobach, the far-right, vote-suppressing secretary of state of Kansas, on the same show on which he pondered the idea that Latinos would engage in ethnic cleansing of whites once they’re in the majority, also revived that idiotic Obama phone bullshit. Because apparently he didn’t think he was already being quite racist enough.

Kobach made the remarks on his Sunday radio program on Kansas City’s KCMO after taking a call from a listener who told him he had taken a bike to the polls because his truck was in the shop.

His voice dripping with sarcasm, Kobach told the listener: “Thank you so much for taking your rickety bike to vote, because I believe that your voice should be heard because you cared enough to vote. But President Obama thinks that the people who were sitting in front of the TV all day talking on their Obama Phones who didn’t vote, he speaks for those people. And I’m not saying any particular people, but I’m just saying someone who didn’t vote has an equal voice than you who actually got on your bike because you didn’t have a motor vehicle to get to the polls.”

The Lifeline program started under Reagan, you lying fuckhead.

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