An Undercover Operation in ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy

An Undercover Operation in ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy November 26, 2014

Harmon Leon went undercover as a confused gay man to see what “ex-gay” therapy consisted of and what he found was predictably interesting. He was put into an odd sort of group therapy, kind of like an AA meeting. In fact, virtually everyone there had also had serious drug and alcohol and other problems.

I was then directed to a “A Christ-Centered Ministry designed to help people struggling with homosexuality leave their past lifestyle and to fully EMBRACE THEIR TRUE IDENTITY IN JESUS CHRIST.”

If there was ever a group to organize a gay-shame parade, this would have been it.

The ex-gay support group’s monthly Friday night meeting was held in an office complex that resembled a meth-addict trucker motel. About a dozen ex-gays were gathered in a circle as I entered a cramped back office filled with numerous books on the subject at hand.

“Welcome Rodney and Steven,” announced the second-in-command, who had excited eyes and wore a large wooden cross. (I was using the pseudonym, “Rodney.”) “It’s their first night. Make them feel welcome.”…

Since everyone here had a drug or alcohol problem and had slept with thousands of partners, for reaction’s sake, I changed my game plan. How would they counsel someone who was quite normal but happened to be gay? I told the group I’d never touched drugs or alcohol and that I’d been in one long, monogamous relationship.

“CANNIBALISM!” the group shouted in near-unison.

The leader explained cannibalism, again slowly stressing one word at a time: “You take on the attributes of the other person.”

“I know,” the second-in-command said, turning to me and nodding. “I was in a relationship for 17 years.”

“Men want lust, not intimacy,” the leader said to sum up this and all other gay scenarios.

A guy across the circle leaned toward me. With strong, crazed eye contact, he added: “An erection put into a woman’s vagina is like going into the paradise of heaven. An erection put in anything else is unnatural, and it’s a sin!”

“OK,” I replied.

Keeping the eye contact, he made hand gestures and used the word “erection” at least six more times.

“Can I still hang around my old friends?” I asked. “We’ve all got the same taste in music.”

“I’ll answer that,” piped up the intense teenager, suddenly sitting up. “An alcoholic shouldn’t go into a bar!”

“It will be worth the sacrifice,” stressed the leader. And then again: “You’ll find the best relationship you’ll ever have will be with God.”

Cannibalism? Being gay is cannibalism? I think I’ve heard this before. It’s monumentally stupid.

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