Fischer: Banning Stop and Frisk a ‘Hate Crime Against Black Citizens’

Fischer: Banning Stop and Frisk a ‘Hate Crime Against Black Citizens’ November 26, 2014

Bryan Fischer really loves black people. Hell, he even lets them use his bathroom and everything. He loves black people so much that he thinks it’s okay to blatantly violate the Constitution to harass as many of them as possible so that a tiny percentage of them won’t hypothetically be allowed to hurt other black people later.

Fischer, whose love of black men is well established, asserted that since most of those arrested under “stop and frisk” were black, the people who were most protected by “stop and frisk” were other black people.

“These areas were riven with black-on-black crime,” Fischer said. “Stop and frisk started to bring those numbers down. When you go away from stop and frisk … you are endangering black citizens. It’s like a hate crime against black citizens. You are exposing them to risk by removing a law enforcement tool.”

A law enforcement tool that is unconstitutional and doesn’t work. At all. In 2012, there were 532,911 stop and frisk stops. You know how many guns were found? 729, a rate of .0013. And merely having a gun does not, of course, mean one is going to commit a crime with it. So his argument is that we should harass the hell out of more than half a million black people in New York so that they can get find guns on a tiny percentage so low that it’s hardly worth calculating. Because he just loves black people so much.


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