Lane Wants 1000 Ministers in Public Office

Lane Wants 1000 Ministers in Public Office November 26, 2014

David Lane, the most powerful man in the Christian right that you may well not have heard of and the founder of the American Renewal Project, has launched a new effort to recruit 1000 Christian ministers to run for public office at every level from school board to Congress.

A prominent evangelical Christian leader has launched an effort to recruit 1,000 pastors willing to run for political office, hoping to inject religious issues and candidates into the 2016 election.

David Lane, the founder of the American Renewal Project, said he hopes he can persuade pastors to run for offices as varied as school board and city council to the state legislature and Congress. He’s scheduled an organizing meeting in January in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

“Government is not going to save America. Wall Street is not going to save America. The Republican party is not going to save America. If America is going to be saved it will be done by Christian men and women restoring a Judeo-Christian culture to the country,” Mr. Lane said in an interview with The Washington Times…

“We have a Christian responsibility to engage people and get out the vote,” Mr. Lane said adding that the pastors “might decide that the Lord doesn’t want them to run for office, but they may have someone in their church who is very talented and can encourage them to.”

He argued that America was established as a Judeo-Christian nation and that separation of church and state was never meant to keep religion out of politics.

“There’s no truth to that, the Constitution says the state is to keep out of the church, it doesn’t say the church is to keep out of the state,” Mr. Lane said, adding that secularism is another religion that’s being imposed on Americans.

The phrase “Judeo-Christian” is absurd enough on its own, but it’s particularly ridiculous when the claim is that the founders based our government on it. At the time of the Constitution, there were about 2,500 Jews in the entire country and they were mostly vilified by Christian leaders at the time. In fact, one of the arguments they made against the new Constitution was that the ban on religious tests could mean that a Jew — gasp! — might someday become president and order the army to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem!

And seriously, how deluded do you have to be to look at America and think, “You know what we need more of? Christians in office.”

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