Polls Show Overwhelming Support for Obama Immigration Plan

Polls Show Overwhelming Support for Obama Immigration Plan November 26, 2014

Hart Research Associates did a poll after President Obama announced a series of executive orders that defers deportation for about 40% of those here illegally if they meet certain requirements. That poll found massive support for those actions.

Voters respond favorably by an overwhelming 39-point margin to executive action by President Obama that would focus immigration enforcement efforts on threats to national security and public safety while allowing some illegal immigrants to stay and work in the United States (67% favorable, 28% unfavorable). Support is broad, incorporating a majority of voters in every region of the country, among both men and women, and in states won by both Barack Obama (67% favorable) and Mitt Romney (65% favorable). Younger voters under age 35 express particularly strong support (72%), but more than 60% feel favorable in every age cohort.

Executive action receives support from 91% of Democrats and 67% of political independents. While a narrow 51% majority of Republicans oppose executive action (41% favor), this is driven mainly by a 34-point margin of opposition among Tea Party Republicans (30% favor, 64% oppose). Among non-Tea Party Republicans opinion is more divided, with 47% in favor and 45% opposed…

Many individual elements of the executive action are very popular with voters:

o Allow undocumented immigrants who are parents of children or young adults living legally in the United States to stay in the United States without being deported (66% favorable, 28% unfavorable);

o Expand the DACA program that provides temporary legal status and work permits to undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children (63% favorable, 27% unfavorable);

o Provide temporary work permits to qualifying immigrants (76% favorable, 21% unfavorable)

Now it’s true that Hart is a relatively liberal polling firm and I haven’t seen the crosstabs or the makeup of their sample, but this is entirely in line with a ton of previous polling from other non-partisan polling companies. A recent NBC News/Wall St. Journal poll found that a whopping 74% support a path to citizenship (which would go even further than Obama’s orders). A Pew poll from October found that 71% think that “There should be a way for them to stay in the country legally, if certain requirements are met.” A CBS/New York Times poll in September found that only 32% think those here illegally should be deported, while 63% think they should be allowed to stay, whether they are allowed to apply for citizenship or not.

But remember, Obama is “giving the middle finger” to Americans because Republicans won seats in the Senate and this proves that a majority rejects any and every policy that Obama might ever support for the rest of his life.

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  • birgerjohansson

    Ed, your blog keeps showing its bias for reality!

    A fair and balanced view would be that the Kenyan n*gger is ramming through his executive action so he can give a green card to ten million Taliban fighters, entering the USA through the Mexican deserts. Also, Benghazi! And welfare queens!

  • scienceavenger

    Be careful you don’t mix support for the policies with support for Obama achieving them through executive order. Support for the former is far greater than support for the latter.

  • busterggi

    Of course a majority (though slim) of Republicans favor executive orders – they figure they’ll get to dictate all their policies after Ben Carson is elected in 2016.

  • caseloweraz

    Yabbut — all those polls must be skewed! Where’s Dean Chambers? We need him now.


  • gshelley

    I’m still waiting for the rational article explaining why the order was unconstitutional

    But this is pretty much what I would expect, and a large part of the reason I think the right has tried to be as non specific as possible when condemning Obama – A lot of people agree with the orders and of those that don’t, only a small minority would think that deporting the people included should be a priority on the same level as securing the border, removing criminals and discouraging future arrivals by removing people who arrived recently

  • scienceavenger

    It’s telling that the GOP response is almost entirely without substance. It’s about psychoanalyzing Obama’s motives and attempting to make him look like a hypocrite or flip flopper. Very little discussion of the pros and cons of the policy or details of the supposed legal violation. They have also pointedly refused to appear on adversarial forums, which tells you they have little confidence in their ability to logical string together the sound bites they are spouting.

  • birgerjohansson