Racist Threatens Third Party if Obama Not Impeached

Racist Threatens Third Party if Obama Not Impeached November 26, 2014

James Kirkpatrick, a racist jerk who writes for the white supremacist site VDARE, says that if the Republicans in Congress don’t impeach Obama, it’s time to organize a third party along the lines of far right nativist parties in Europe like the National Front and the UK Independence Party.

The truth is only real legal weapon the Republican Congress has isimpeachment—a tool that was put in place by the Founders for precisely this kind of situation. If Republicans don’t impeach, it’s hard to see why Republican voters should care about winning them the next election, or indeed any election to come.

For American patriots, the solution then will be political insurrection via a Third Party and/or the c reation of a new political force with the power to cripple the GOP and draw votes from Democrats via the white working class.

This is precisely what is occurring in the even more difficult political environment in Great Britain. The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) recently inherited another defector from the Conservative Party, which is also being betrayed by its leadership. Mark Reckless took the honorable route of putting himself up for re-election in his old constituency and has won a crushing victory. This opens the way for UKIP to become a force in Parliament for the first time. [ Rochester: Farage looks to more UKIP gains after success, BBC, November 21, 2014]

And if UKIP can do it in a media climate even worse than that of America, there’s no reason Americans can’t.

Parties die if they don’t respond to changing conditions. The person who can control a thing has a power to destroy it. Immigration patriots have, if not the power to fully control the GOP, at least the power to prevent it from ever winning another election.

The alternatives are clear—impeachment, or insurrection.

By all means, form a third party. I double dog dare ya.

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  • This is one of those cases where I firmly believe “the more the merrier.”

  • John Pieret

    Please don’t throw us in the briar patch, Br’er Kirkpatrick!

  • matty1

    I thought the Tea Party was the US equivalent of UKIP. Yes I know it isn’t a separate organisation as such but that’s because aspects of your system that I still don’t really grok, encourage the forming of factions within the two big parties rather than new parties.

  • matty1

    Oh and that crushing victory for Mark Reckless? He got 42.1% of the votes compared to 49.2% when he stood for the Tories. In other words he lost votes by switching parties.

  • He Who Shall Not Be Blamed

    The person who can control a thing has a power to destroy it.

    And the Flow must Spice!!!

  • garnetstar

    I think, in the end, that’s the only thing that’ll keep the Republicans a national party. They’ll have to cut off this rotting Tea Party limb at some point, when the insanity of their demands escalates high enough into the stratosphere that acceeding to them is no longer possible.

    Yes, it will split the vote on the right, the Democrats will be in power for a while, but if the Republicans then return to more Eisenhower (hell, even Reagan) positions, a lot of the population will turn back to Republicans, and help keep the party afloat.

  • moarscienceplz

    Oh no, Brer Fox! Puhleeeze, don’t form a third party!

  • moarscienceplz

    Oh rats! John Pieret beat me to it!

  • jameshanley

    Wait, didn’t you just the other day post some right-winger saying Obama couldn’t be impeached because he wasn’t legally the president?

  • moarscienceplz

    encourage the forming of factions within the two big parties rather than new parties.

    That’s pretty much what we have now. The “moderate Republicans” (boy, what an oxymoron) and the Tea Party are pretty much at loggerheads, but they still get to freeze the Democrats out of all the committee chairs, and that’s where most of the levers of power reside. OTOH, if there were an actual third party, unless they specifically chose to caucus with the Republicans, the Democrats would be able to elect the Speaker of the House and the committee chairs of THEIR choosing.

  • John Pieret


    Great minds and all that …

  • scienceavenger

    Parties die if they don’t respond to changing conditions.

    Well at least he got one thing right. Let me know when the Geezers Or Protestant party gets the memo.

  • anubisprime

    And if UKIP can do it in a media climate even worse than that of America, there’s no reason Americans can’t.

    Err. not quite got that finger on the pulse there.

    The media in Blighty were pushing UKIP anywhere and anytime they could and played and all in a wide and shiny eyed innoocence …they have never dissected the few rag tag and bobtail policies UKIP boast , have never questioned the abject racist and homophobic attitude displayed by a vast majority of the party.

    The ones vying for position within the party are really prime examples of the worst excesses on the right wing.

    Like all right wing loons they espouse ‘Christian values’ almost fundamentalist in content, most are climate change deniers, and all pretend they are actually for the working man, despite the majority of the top echelon of the party being rejects and deserters from a Tory party that was not quite right wing and vicious enough for their tastes, and this particular contempory Tory party has formed one of the most right leaning governments for many a year…probably of all time.

    The media turned the whole shebang into a spectacle and nearly wet themselves with glee when Reckless retained a seat he had occupied for several years…no surprise there given the constituent populace, everyone and their rabid dog knew that was going to happen…except apparently the media.

    Of course the media’s tacit yet subtle support of UKIP was just shit stirring, they want Cameron embarrassed because they are bored with the rich wackos that inhabit the front benches and they are not much fun…being rather typically dim as only Public schools dimwads are, and the Labour party has fallen asleep on the job.

    The LibDems the traditional third party of UK politics are burnt toast and rancid marmalade and should never make government again for another 50 yrs at a minimum.

    So the media are stirring for a ‘real’ third party’ to shake things up’ in parliament., problem being that most likely the UKIP puppets will vote with the Tories anyway on most issues that really matter and need deep sixing before implementing …pretty useless and pathetic really…but no one ever said that Murdoch was anything other then pragmatic when it comes to influencing agenda and policy in governments.

    Mind you the agreement of tone in all the broad sheets and red top comics was a sight to behold, as natural competitors they all saw the fun of pretending there was a massive and earth shaking upheaval of vile catastrophic nationalism and bigotry in the Brit public.

    But them lead public opinion?…of course not …that would be completely unethical…oh wait!

  • matty1

    @13 I’ve not noticed the Grauniad or the Indie being pro-UKIP though they may be guilty of over hyping the ‘threat’ posed by a tiny number of Tories wearing a different badge.

  • anubisprime

    matty1 @ 14

    I’ve not noticed the Grauniad or the Indie being pro-UKIP though they may be guilty of over hyping the ‘threat’ posed by a tiny number of Tories wearing a different badge.

    No that is broadly true but then again neither do they comment overly on the loony agenda’s or actually examine the UKIP policies to deeply let alone comment on the palpable damage to UK interests these bunnies could wager on the UK.

    All the criticism is seemingly confined to the blogsphere, UKIP is given a free reign in all the other media including TV, palpably more so then any other political party in the UK.

    For example on a superficial level, which arguably most media outlets tend towards, if it was Ed Milliband or David Cameron downing full pints in a pub every-time a segment highlighted their party…questions would be asked and opinions would be voiced in a righteous tone designed to be outright devastating to political ambitions.

    The pomposity would only be proportional to the hot air and clucking about binge drinking and health.

    The media might not be saying ‘Vote UKIP’ but then again they do not exactly advise against such a rash use of the vote….and The Sun in particular likes to brag about winning elections, do they not?, for a so called independent 4th state within a state they are nonetheless the arbiters of election outcomes.

    Subtlety and manipulation of image, tends to soak through to the ‘Don’t knows’ and that is what the game is all about.

  • shadow

    Please form a 3rd party! Pleeeaaassseee!

  • lpetrich

    Then watch as Duverger’s Law bites them. 😀

  • Craig Pennington

    He Who Shall Not Be Blamed said:

    And the Flow must Spice!!!

    I always hated it when Flo Spice said “Kiss my grits, right!” to Mel in that hick estuary accent.