Birther Convicted of Lying About Terrorist Attack

Birther Convicted of Lying About Terrorist Attack December 3, 2014

You may remember the case of Michael Shrimpton, a weird British lawyer and “intelligence consultant” known for making all kinds of bizarre claims. The birthers were terribly excited about him when he claimed to have seen documents that the CIA had tested Obama’s DNA showing that his mother wasn’t really his mother. Now he’s been convicted in England of causing a panic by claiming that German intelligence was going to nuke the queen during the London Olympics.

A barrister who sparked a security scare when he claimed German spies were plotting to target the Queen with a nuclear warhead at the London Olympics is facing jail.

Michael Shrimpton, author of ‘Spyhunter: The Secret History of German Intelligence’ has a fascination for the world of political and military intelligence.

As security fears mounted before the Games, the 57-year-old told a close colleague of former Defence Secretary Philip Hammond that a nuclear device was planted in a hospital in east London.

The next day he telephoned the offices of David Lidington MP and repeated the bomb hoax in a fashion he likened to an episode of hit American TV show 24, Southwark Crown Court heard.

A jury of nine men and three women found Shrimpton guilty of two counts of communicating false information after more than six hours of deliberation, with majority 11-1 verdicts.

That goes along with a previous conviction for possessing child porn. That’s the person that Jerome Corsi, Christopher Monckton and the Worldnetdaily took seriously when he told that wild story about Obama’s DNA.

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