Welcome to the Grand Rapids Suburbs

Welcome to the Grand Rapids Suburbs December 3, 2014

The high school in Wayland, Michigan, just outside Grand Rapids, now has an SSA club. I met the kids who organized it a few months ago. My friend Jeremiah Bannister was invited to speak to the group recently and the local newspaper did a story about it. The Facebook status on the story is full of the usual idiocy. Some dumbass named Robert L. Bausick posted this:

Hummmm…..where is a bully when you need him!

When someone called him out for being obnoxious, Bausick turned the stupid up to 11:

Just as obnoxious as this entire article written in support of young adults supporting the non-belief in God, especially during the celebration of Christianity. You want shock factor…..well, there it is, next article about nothing ….Please!…

This article and it’s attention are acomplete slap in the face to the residents of Wayland. As previously pointed out by others….why do we as a people feel the need to give attention to this “super” minority of thinking. Let it be their thing, why make it mine! I’m disgusted at this type of journalism. When I was a child it was the Skin Heads that were the popular Agnostic Group. Giving these kids this stage is wrong especially in a local school. Heck, we can already see how confused the group is going from being a minister to a complete non-believer.

Then he declared himself to be “kicking ass and taking names.” I left this reply:

I feel so bad for Robert L. Bausick. The NERVE of a newspaper mentioning the existence of people he disagrees with — and during December, of all times! How is that man supposed to go about his day knowing that there are people out there who don’t believe in his God? Why, it’s a “slap in the face” to the residents of Wayland to mention that some residents of Wayland aren’t Christian (but I’m sure those residents of Wayland don’t count). Shame on you, Penasee Globe, for forcing this poor, persecuted soul to face a reality he wishes didn’t exist. You have ruined that man’s Christmas! /sarcasm

I suggest a new term, along the lines of Santorum: Bausick — a frothy mix of Christian privilege and utter stupidity.

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  • suggest a new term, along the lines of Santorum: Bausick — a frothy mix of Christian privilege and utter stupidity.

    Why pick a new one? “Republican” is a perfectly cromulent word.

  • caseloweraz

    Apparently, Robert L. Bausick has removed his comment. I found no trace of it, or his name, on that Facebook page — except in replies like yours.

  • Artor


    Ah, so apparently, “kicking ass & taking names” means “running away & hiding as soon as you’re challenged.” You learn something new every day!

  • TCC

    caseloweraz: I’m not sure if that particular comment is still there, but Robert’s replies on other comments are still very much visible.

  • So basically, Robert is objecting to the very existence of a Secular Students Alliance club at the local public school being mentioned in the news – that is to say, he is essentially objecting to the assertion of non-belief within the public sphere.

    And almost certainly, without irony, he will go to church and believe that “the world” is full of “principalities and powers” that he and his fellow Christians have to testify against, lest the message of Christianity be lost. Even though it apparently dominates the public sphere so thoroughly that the slightest mention of a club of student non-believers is a “slap in the face”.

  • caseloweraz

    TCC: You’re right; he holds forth in a number of comment threads — typically with juvenile scenarios of D&D games and other irrelevancies.

    I didn’t expand any of those threads before. I don’t much like Facebook software, though I’ve used it for a while.