Worldnetdaily Lies About ‘Atheist Activist’

Worldnetdaily Lies About ‘Atheist Activist’ December 3, 2014

Ernest Perce, the former atheist turned Christian and a raging bigoted asshole, has filed a complaint about a teacher in Pennsylvania wearing a Star of David necklace at school. This would be because he’s a flaming anti-Semite. But look at how the Worldnetdaily reports it:


Atheist activist launches fight over teacher’s jewelry

The atheist activist who allegedly was attacked by a Muslim during a Halloween parade while dressed as “Zombie Muhammad” and scolded by a judge for mocking Islam’s prophet now has filed a formal complaint with a school district against a teacher for wearing a Star of David necklace.

But a top legal analyst says “Zombie Muhammad,” Ernest Perce V, the Pennsylvania state director of American Atheists, likely doesn’t have a case.

But Perce is not the director of the Pennsylvania chapter of America Atheists and he hasn’t been for quite some time. He’s also not an atheist activist. He used to be, but he’s now converted to Christianity. You know how I know they know that? Because it’s in the article itself:

He told the station he’s changed from a couple of years ago.

“Today I am an orthodox Christian,” he told WHTM.

But they don’t care. They repeatedly call him an atheist activist and claim he’s still with AA because they want to make atheists look bad, facts be damned.

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