Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Glenn Beck

Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Glenn Beck December 4, 2014

Glenn Beck is going to have to build a new room in his heavily-armed compound for all these Bryan Fischer Awards. The award is given to those who show a breathtaking lack of self-awareness, projecting their own worst attributes on to their opponents. And this one is a good one:

On his radio broadcast today, Glenn Beck played a clip of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan threatening to “tear this goddamn country up” in response to Ferguson, bizarrely suggesting that progressives would now seek to use such threats as an excuse for President Obama to bring back the Alien and Sedition Acts through executive order.

Facetiously playing the role of a naive progressive responding to Farrakhan’s remarks, Beck said that the only proper solution is to reinstate the Alien and Sedition Acts so that “if you say anything against the country, we can put you in prison.”

Linking this to President Obama’s plan to provide millions of dollars for body cameras and training in an effort to help improve relations between local police departments and minority communities, Beck mockingly said that “if only we could get that Alien and Sedition Act back, we’d be a perfect nation, wouldn’t we?”

Okay, let’s review. The Alien and Sedition Acts were a set of laws passed in 1798 and signed into law by John Adams. Among other things, they gave the president the authority to arrest and deport anyone not an American citizen or from a nation deemed hostile to the United States and to imprison those who criticized the federal government (many newspaper editors and publishers were imprisoned under that law, including Ben Franklin’s grandson). Now, which party does that sound like? Which party is the one constantly railing about the threats of foreigners and calling those who criticize the government (when they don’t control it, of course) traitors? Sounds like conservative Republicans to me.

Seriously, Beck throws a fit about Obama NOT deporting immigrants and now claims that he wants to reinstate the Alien Acts to deport immigrants. He’s so out of touch with reality that he couldn’t see it from Sarah Palin’s porch.

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  • “Wouldn’t the Police State be great?” makes perfect sense. Beck, you see fights for the country, not “against the country”. So, as a Patriot, he’s safe. It’s those dusky foreigners, minorities and Democrats who the Police State will crush.

    It’s like how the First Amendment protects us Patriots’ right to speak, but not your so-called “right” to criticize us or make us look bad by quoting us.

  • busterggi

    What did Beck say about all the right-wing Christofascists who constantly condemn the US for not being biblical?

    I can wait, take your time.

  • marcus

    MO @1 “Wouldn’t the Police State be great?”

    Meh, I’m not so sure. I mean, Sting is great and everything, but…