Hey Look, Another Paranoid and False Prediction From Alex Jones

Hey Look, Another Paranoid and False Prediction From Alex Jones December 4, 2014

Another day, another hyperbolic and idiotic prediction from Alex Jones. Drawing on the rhetoric we’ve been hearing for decades from white supremacist groups, he says that Obama is trying to provoke a race war in Ferguson so he can attack and kill the Tea Party.

Jones warned that the Ferguson protests will lead to a government attack on the Tea Party and “the attempted takedown of the Republic,” adding that there will be an “attempt to start a civil war, playing the people off against the police and people off against each other racially.”

“Minorities, who are really the majority now in most areas, will see the Democratic Party as their Kapo in the prison,” Jones continued. “The UN’s the warden and they’ve got us all in racial gangs and we’re all in a prison together like a bunch of chumps.”

Yep. Just like the Sandy Hook shooting was going to be used to steal all our guns. Wait, that was Aurora. And the Ft. Hood shooting. And the Washington Navy Yard shooting. And every bad thing that has happened since Alex Jones began his career as the world’s worst prophet. None of his declarations of impending dystopia have ever come true, not once. Seriously, Sylvia Browne has a better track record. Why is it that people take him seriously again? Oh yeah, because they’re really, really dumb and immune to evidence.


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  • Trebuchet

    Sylvia Browne’s recent predictions have been 100% accurate. Of course, it helps that she’s dead.

  • DaveL

    Jones warned that the Ferguson protests will lead to a government attack on the Tea Party and “the attempted takedown of the Republic,”

    Wait, I thought the Ferguson protests happened after Citizens United

  • Oh yeah, because they’re really, really dumb and immune to evidence.

    To be fair, they’re also aging. And scared. And bitter.

  • raven

    Obama Brings Ebola Into America After Signing executive order to detain sick Americans… – Infowars

    www. infowars. com/obama-brings-ebola-into-america-after-signing-exec…

    Aug 3, 2014 – Despite the fact that doctors in Africa cannot keep Ebola from spreading, United States officials brought an affected patient into the country only…

    Infowars is Alex Jones’s website.

    Four months ago, Obama was bringing in Ebola virus to do something or another horrible. The virus was going to spread and kill us all.

    It never happened. There were only two cases of in-country transmission, ironically from a xian affiliated hospital in fundieland, Texas.

    This is the usual fate of Alex Jones predictions. They never happen.

  • raven

    June, 2009 infowars, Alex Jones website:

    The eugenicists are back with their latest program to kill an untold number of people under the cover of the “swine flu pandemic.” If you line up for a vaccination contaminated with mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and other toxins — and a possible agent for future cancers designed to decimate world population — you need to have your head examined.

    However, as Ron Paul indicates, you may not have a choice — the government may force you to choose between a toxic vaccine and a FEMA camp.

    Did you know that the Swine flu vaccine is designed to kill billions of people as part of a UN population reduction program? And you will either get vaccinated and die or get sent to a FEMA camp, according to Ron Paul.

    This was published in 2009 and never happened either.

    Of course, in reality, the Swine flu vaccine was a success and saved the lives of an “untold” but large number of people.

  • mudpuddles

    Ah no, leave him alone and don’t be mean. Alex Jones is funny! He reminds me of my 2 year-old niece. She says really silly shit all the time too, and we play along and get her to say more because its so entertaining. And when she gets wound up she “grrrr!!”s and snarls and shouts and stamps her feet and bangs her fists just like Alex. And then we give her cuddles (maybe Alex needs a cuddle?) So Alex is just doing what all toddlers do! And besides, isn’t laughter supposed to make the world a better place?

    * I know, my niece’s audience doesn’t include moronic gun-fondling assholes and freedom fetishists… and I’m less likely to want to yell at / scream at / shoot at / fling poo at someone who is different to me after listening to my niece’s rambling monologues than Alex’s listeners are after their daily dose of childish blather… But Alex Jones doesn’t kill people, fuckbrained assholes who listen to him do!

  • I’m no math major, but when a minorities, becomes the majority, it isn’t a minority anymore. It’s the majority. Hence the words minority and majority.

  • Kevin Kehres

    Heh. It’s all coming together. Alex Jones has fallen into our clever trap.

    Soon, we will start rounding up Christians into FEMA death camps while we confiscate all the weapons in order to implement UN Agenda 21 so that the Raelians will uncloak themselves and show their true lizard nature, and then the Illuminati will establish a One World government.

    All to distract us from BENGHAZI!!11eleventy!!!

  • busterggi

    Wait a second, doesn’t the Tea Party promote watering the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants? I’m sure I heard that from them for years. Is it because they are the tyrants in Ferguson et al?

  • forestdragon

    Well, yeah, they do promote that, but they never meant THEIR tyrants – the meant The Dark-Skinned Usurper In The WHITE House.

  • k_machine

    Well, the best part of fighting imaginary enemies is that you can never lose the fight.