Satanists Get Display at Florida Capitol. Cue the Outrage.

Satanists Get Display at Florida Capitol. Cue the Outrage. December 5, 2014

After a two year fight, the Satanic Temple — really just a group of atheists with a flair for the dramatic — will be allowed to put up a holiday display at the Florida state capitol in Tallahassee (limited public forum, for the win). The same display was rejected last year because the state deemed it “grossly offensive.”

Florida’s Department of Management Services had reportedly responded to a December 2013 attempt to place the display near a nativity inside the capitol by noting that The Satanic Temple’s holiday imagery was “grossly offensive.”

“The department’s position is that your proposed display is grossly offensive during the holiday season,” Sherrie K. Routt, administrative assistant at Florida Department of Management Services, wrote at the time, according to the Christian Post.

The display shows an angel falling from heaven into hell, which is pretty much exactly what the Bible says happened. I guess it’s only “grossly offensive” when the “wrong side” does it. And while we’re on the subject of being grossly offensive, what exactly does the devil do in the Bible that makes him so offensive? Not much. Allegedly tricks Eve into gaining knowledge, which I think makes him the hero of that story. Does Satan order mass genocide in the Bible? Nope, that’s God. Does Satan command that women who aren’t virgins on their wedding day be stoned to death? Nope, God again. God is a lot more offensive than the devil if we are to believe the Bible.

The comments at Glenn Beck’s The Blaze are hilariously overwrought and clueless.

I find this whole thing intriguing! Most people will find the satanist display offensive. So if it is wrong to most everyone – why is that? Is the opposite (Christian tradition) right? Is this a battle of “religions” or a battle of good/evil, right/wrong?

This is where Liberterians get it wrong. There is a “right way.” It’s not “any way is okay.”

This country *was* founded on principles inspired by all that is good. That Way comes from the Man who changed humanity and our measurement of time: Christ the Lord.

So do we want everyone, including satanists, celebrating their beliefs? The answer is absolutely not. There is an order to things; a time and place for things; and a proper way of doing things. People wish to deny that these ways were demonstrated by Jesus…

He is the Alpha and Omega. Since He started Christmas, and it really was never about any iconographic imagery about Him but rather HIM, He will also finish this work. The Omega will come and destroy much more than petty mockery. Satan and his followers days are numbered…

You should be able to urinate on it if you want…

First of all, Satan has nothing to do with the celebration of Christmas–that’s right–CHRISTMAS, not THE HOLIDAYS. Secondly, it is an insult to Jesus Christ and to those who celebrate His birth. Are you all idiots? What makes you think you owe “equal time” to satanists who believe in human sacrifice among other wicked things? Jesus stays; Satan out!…

What sane Florida legislator would allow this is beyond me? This is an example of a person with no backbone. Is this now the standard? Let any foolish attempt at freedom of religion to mock us all? God help us…

When Satanists, Buddhists, atheists or whoever can prove that the country was based on their beliefs, they can have equal space. They have the freedom to believe what they will, but they do not have a right to equal time or a free platform to spread their views. Christians should sue the state for permitting such displays…

I pray the Lord comes soon and puts an end to this madness. Who thought it was a good idea to cater to evil? Really? These people are not religious they are using a belief system to commit crimes and immoralities. I really don’t think their behavior was what the founders had in mind when they said freedom of speech and religion. They are abusing a loophole.

It goes on like that for hundreds of comments.

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