Donohue: Atheists are Mentally Ill, Need Therapy

Donohue: Atheists are Mentally Ill, Need Therapy December 9, 2014

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League, who doesn’t exactly come across as a stable human being, has a gift. God has apparently given him the magical ability to diagnose what’s wrong with millions of people he’s never met and decided that non-religious people are probably insane. Being the nice guy that he is, he’s even offering to pay for our therapy:

“They believe that freedom is license to do whatever they want,” the Catholic League president explained. “They don’t want to be told anything, which is why they die prematurely, they’re unhappy, that’s why we have a disproportionate number of agnostics and atheists in the asylum, all of this is true.”

Donohue said “secularists” have an inferior “mental health, physical health and degree of happiness,” adding: “They got to work it out, fine, I’ll help pay for their therapy, just take your hands, your mitts off the Catholics during Christmas.”

All of this is bullshit, of course. What studies actually show is that when non-religious people are members of supportive communities, they are just as happy and mentally healthy as religious people who are members of such communities. But hey, why let facts get in the way of a perfectly good bigoted rant?


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  • I am sure he is right. I am sure the vast majority of asylum inmates do NOT hear the voice of God on regular basis.

    Also, Bill, please do not deny me my one joy this time of year of putting my mittens (and gloves) on Catholics at Xmas.

  • scienceavenger

    they’re unhappy

    I yield to BD’s superior personal experience on that score. The man’s the most professionally unhappy person since Oscar the Grouch.

  • raven

    just take your hands, your mitts off the Catholics during Christmas.”

    1. Who has their mitts on Catholics at Xmas or any other time for that matter? This is just the old persecution schtick.

    2. What Donohue is doing is end of the year fund raising. Just spouting a bunch of hate and lies to vacuum up his salary for next year.

    A lot of people make donations to their favorite charities and causes at the end of the year so they can take the tax deductions for that year.

  • eric

    They believe that freedom is license to do whatever they want,” the Catholic League president explained

    Irony meter pegged…the RCC that sells indulgences. Literal, on-paper licences to sin and still go to heaven.

  • caseloweraz

    Donohue: They made a judgment when they made themselves non-judgmental.

    As if that negates their position.

    Every year they have to do something to stick it to us… It’s all the middle finger in the face of Christians. Just keep your mitts off the godly during Christmas.

    Sounds like Bill is getting his Irish up. I keep expecting him to lapse into a brogue, and to start using words like “blathaskite.”

  • cry4turtles

    Fucking hilarious!

  • Artor

    @Eric #4

    “the RCC that sells indulgences…”

    That’s the point. They’re selling them. Atheists aren’t buying. He’s pissed that we get to sin for free, without the Church getting it’s cut.

  • cptdoom

    Donohue calling someone mentally I’ll? In the immortal words of Phoebe Bouffet, “Hello kettle? This is pot, you’re black.”.

  • which is why they die prematurely

    Then why is the life expectancy in secular Japan and Western Europe higher than in religious US? (sources)

    Just take your hands, your mitts off the Catholics during Christmas.

    Guess he’s fine with you having your mitts on other Christians then?

  • John Hinkle

    They don’t want to be told anything…

    We don’t mind being told stuff. In general, though, we’d rather not hear about your mythology.

  • Kevin Kehres

    Tu quoque, Bill.

  • busterggi

    “They believe that freedom is license to do whatever they want,”

    And as long as you claim to be sorry afterwards you’re forgiven for all the damage you caused then its a part of Christian dogma,

  • anubisprime

    To be scrupulously fair…Billyo’ is only repeating what his hero Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor claimed a couple of years back…(then re-canted, when the media went into melt down, in so far as he then claimed his words were misunderstood…but no apology was issued to those he slandered as ‘sub-human’ simply because his ‘less then human’ quote means something else entirely…apparently)

    It is more of that ‘fistikated feelolagy’

    His successor Nichols is not a whole of a lot better gifted…all he can manage is breathless praise for the priests and nuns that abused kids in Ireland for decades.

    So Billyo is only treading the same highways and byways of his moral authoritay’

  • Doug Little

    Why hasn’t the church disowned this buffoon? Surly he is doing more harm than good to their reputation for being taken seriously, unless of course they will only start to care once the coffers start to get low.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    I told my therapist that Bill Donohue would be picking up the tab for my next sessions, and she said, “What do you think I am, crazy?”

    Besides, how can you give someone the finger when you’re wearing mittens?

  • anubisprime

    Doug Little @ 14

    blockquote>Why hasn’t the church disowned this buffoon?

    At a guess a lightening conductor?

    Billyo saying things publicly all those things the Magisterium wants to broadcast but dare not?

    And they get to walk away after disclaiming him as nothing to do with Catholic policy if it goes pear shaped!

    Billyo’s opinions reflect the attitude of the majority of the geriatric Cardinals, they seem to figure better let someone say what they are thinking, rather then bottle it all up, air their thoughts and yet not get held responsibly for them.

  • congenital cynic

    Oh, oh. Now I don’t know what to do. My wife was raised in a very catholic family, so is baptised and confirmed, though for as long as I’ve known her she’s been firmly in the non-believer camp. So here’s my quandary. Is she a catholic or not? Because I intend to have my hands on her over the “holiday period” (sic) as much as possible. If she’s not really catholic any more, I won’t offend poor Bill. But if she is, due to the stupid rituals performed on her before she was at the age of consent, then I’m destined to piss off that bloviating asshole Bill Donohue. But seriously, I don’t really care about hurting his feelings.

  • Who Cares

    @congenital cynic(#17):

    Yes she is still a catholic. Unless she sent in the papers explicitly requesting to be removed from the faith. That said these days it seems easier to get excommunicated then managing to file the right papers.

  • Loqi

    To be fair, one of the signs of insanity is not having an invisible friend who tells you what to do.

    Er, wait…

  • theguy

    “But hey, why let facts get in the way of a perfectly good bigoted rant?”

    I doubt that Shitahue the Anti-Semite gives a damn about the facts.

  • John Pieret

    @congenital cynic @17:

    So here’s my quandary. Is she a catholic or not?

    Well, if you listen to the Catholics, she still is. I know, because, for going on some 50 years, I have not been one but they’ll still claim me even though, by their own rules, I was excommunicated at least 46 years ago. if not longer.

    Give her a pat somewhere for me (no need to tell me where).

  • dan4

    @9: “Guess he’s fine with you having your mitts on other Christians then?”

    I would guess that Donohue believes that any non-Catholic is not a “real” Christian.

  • dan4

    The “physical health” part of his rant is particularly galling given BD’s obvious weight problem.

  • macallan

    “They believe that freedom is license to do whatever they want,”

    Freedom is slavery, war is peace, ignorance is strength.

  • “They don’t want to be told anything…”

    Personally, I love to be told things. I just ask the courtesy that you try to tell me things that are, well, true.

  • dingojack

    You see Billo, by contrast, loves to be told things. He loves it when you tell him he’s completely wrong and show him why that is so. No red-faced near apoplexy from him — ’cause he loves to be told things, he does.


  • freehand

    Christian doctrine is that (/)anything goes as long as you feel genuinely sorry afterwards, and ask The Man’s kid for forgiveness. You don’t have to correct mistakes, square debts, or say you’re sorry to anybody you may have wronged.


    These are the people criticizing my moral code, which is basically, don’t hurt anyone, and if you do, fix it. Their morality is that of the toddler (or the samurai) – do what Daddy says, or he will hurt you. Consent is irrelevant, as is kindness.*


    Tell us again, Mr. Donahue, what your invisible friend thinks of my sanity.


    *True for Southern Baptists, anyway, and I think the RCC.