Bible Sign Removed From Public Park. Hilarity Ensues.

Bible Sign Removed From Public Park. Hilarity Ensues. December 10, 2014

The Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists has succeeded in getting a sign removed from a public park not far from where I live. The sign quoted Psalm 19:1, “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork.” Cue the outrage in the comment section of the local paper:

the sign should stay with the additional comment, activist and freeloaders stay out!!…

please join the coalition to ban activist.. especially mentality challenged ones like these…

Chalk up a victory for the side of darkness……

Any time you see “civil rights” its an acronym for downgrading society and lawyers profiting. In example Michael Brown = Ghetto! This is an example of why the ACLU is a bunch of vermin…

Why, exactly, are Americans giving in to this nonsense? Our country was built on religious freedom. If something Christian doesn’t appeal to some people, why aren’t we simply declaring that they then have the right to ignore it – but not the right to infringe on our rights, too? Things have become idiotic. I think it’s time to stop playing goofy games, ruining our nation with the political correct nonsense. Where are your backbones, people? Allowing a loud-mouth minority to dictate what is and isn’t allowed is asinine.

I especially love the argument that putting a sign on public property is a matter of religious freedom. Great, then you should strongly support the putting up of signs on public property by Muslims, atheists, Satanists, Hindus and other religious groups, right? Oh yeah, you freak out when that happens. As usual, “religious freedom” really means “Christian privilege.”

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