Buchanan: Body Cameras ‘Libel and Slander’ the Police

Buchanan: Body Cameras ‘Libel and Slander’ the Police December 10, 2014

Pat Buchanan, always eager to back authoritarianism, especially against those evil dark-skinned people, says that the demand that police officers wear body cameras to check misconduct and abuse is a “libel and a slander on America” and a “libel and a slander on police.” He apparently never considered that such cameras can also save an officer from false accusations of misconduct.


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  • “He apparently never considered that such cameras can also save an officer from false accusations of misconduct.”

    As if ‘merkin police need to be saved. What a joke. Police can and do get away with murder and criminal behaviour on a regular basis.

  • garnetstar

    It’s pretty well known that, although the police were very opposed to dashboard cameras, in the *majority* of cases, the video ends up exonerating the officer (whether fairly or not: as we’ve seen, the existence of a video does not always lead to justice).

    Buchanan’s too stupid to learn from experience, no surprise.

  • Surely that’s because he realises that no accusations of misconduct against the police are ever false?? …um??

  • Mr Ed

    Had a coworker once who couldn’t support the police enough. No matter the case or what happened he would always say they wouldn’t have arrested him if he wasn’t guilty or they needed to do that. One day he was cited for speeding and fuming at the injustice, I kindly reminded him the police wouldn’t have ticketed him if he wasn’t guilty.

    White, privileged America has so few interactions with law enforcement it is beyond conception that police misbehave. Monitoring them is seen as a needless impuning of their professionalism.

  • Alverant

    Well you see in Buchanan’s world cops are always right so why would they need to prove it? To even suggest that they could misbehave is libel itself!

  • D. C. Sessions

    It’s better to stick to the more fundamental principle that they don’t need evidence to defend themselves against allegations, because their word is always sufficient.

  • illdoittomorrow

    Seconding what Mr. Ed said at 4. Cops handing out a few tickets now and then? Howls of spittle-flecked rage, with plenty of snivelling about cops not catching Real Criminals ™. Cops beating down protesters, soaking them with pepper spray, and detaining them under circumstances that are extremely fishy at best? Cheers and other forms of bootlicking.

  • doublereed

    Is it wrong that keep conflating Pat Robertson and Pat Buchanan?

  • smrnda

    I wonder if he’d have the same view of any other public sector workers.

  • cjcolucci

    Maybe Pat made better sense in the original German.

  • abb3w

    Truth is a sovereign defense against both libel and slander, you sanctimonious pustule. Cameras may not tell the whole truth, but unless someone tampers with them they tell the truth.

  • @abb3w

    I can’t deal with actually listening to Pat, but i suspect that the “libel and slander” is in the making of cops wear cameras, not in what the cameras may or may not show. It’s a “libel and slander” to imply that the cops need any kid of supervision.

  • thebookofdave

    While the Liberal Media spoon-feeds the masses scary stories of racial profiling, the real injustice, reverse profiling, preys unchecked on our nation’s innocent police officers. Won’t anyone think of the poor cops?

  • dingojack

    Also cameras might record the perpetrator if a cop gets shot or injured at work.

    I’m betting the whining about body-cameras from the usual FAUX News types would vanish in to thin air…


  • DaveL


    I’m not so sure, given the amazingly consistent propensity for wingnuts to claim libel when people publish their direct quotes in context. In wingnuttia, “libel” is defined as publishing a record of a person’s actual words and deeds outside their preferred echo chamber.