Abortion an Incredibly Safe Medical Procedure

Abortion an Incredibly Safe Medical Procedure December 11, 2014

A massive study of more than 50,000 women who had abortions confirms what we already knew from lots of other studies, that abortion is one of the safest medical procedures one can undergo — far safer, in fact, than actually giving birth, where medical complications occur at a much higher rate.

Major complications stemming from abortion are extremely rare, occurring in less than a quarter of a percent of cases, according to one of the nation’s most comprehensive studies to date into the safety of the medical procedure.

After analyzing data from nearly 55,000 women who received abortion care under California’s Medicaid program, researchers at UC San Francisco concluded that hardly any of them had serious complications within six weeks of their procedure. Just 126 cases necessitated follow-up care for surgery, a blood transfusion, or other conditions that require hospital admission.

Other studies, including data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, have also confirmed abortion’s safety. We already had some evidence, for instance, that giving birth is about 14 times riskier than having an abortion. But the new UCSF study goes a bit further than previous research by tracking the complete data on all of the health care used by women who have received abortions. Since many women have to travel long distances to end a pregnancy, the UCSF researchers also examined women’s follow-up care at facilities closer to where they live.

This shows once again, as if we needed it, that right-wing politicians and advocacy groups are lying when they justify the passage of TRAP laws by claiming it’s necessary to protect the health of women who have abortions. They have one goal and only one goal and that is to make abortion a non-existent right through death by a thousand cuts.

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  • Trebuchet

    Ed, Ed, Ed. Don’t you know that every abortion causes breast cancer, every single time?


  • “right-wing politicians and advocacy groups are lying”

    Just who do they think they are? The CIA??

  • spamamander, internet amphibian

    As I recall from nearly 25 years ago, the procedure went basically:

    Check in.

    Go through a quick recap of what would happen.

    Take a sedative if you wanted one, or go without.

    Have cervix numbed.

    Dilate cervix.

    Vacuum pump goes for about 5 minutes. Little cramping.

    Get dressed and go home with a prescription for antibiotics.

    Stay out of gym class for a day.

    Have some heavy period bleeding for a couple weeks.

    All done.