Glenn Beck: Leave Jesus Christ Alone! *Sob*

Glenn Beck: Leave Jesus Christ Alone! *Sob* December 11, 2014

Glenn Beck did his best impression of that kid who made the sobbing Youtube video about Britney Spears years ago, railing about an episode of the Family Guy that turned Jesus into the butt of jokes. He just can’t understand how anyone could possibly make fun of Jesus:

After fuming that “it is not brave” for people to mock Christianity, Beck took a moment to attack “Saturday Night Live” as “the biggest group of pussies on the planet” for supposedly refusing to adequately mock President Obama, before he got back to venting his displeasure over this particular “Family Guy” episode.

“Every great, truly great, freeing act was inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ,” Beck declared. “Why would we take down just that man? Why would we make him into a joke? Out of all of the people you can joke about, all of the things you could do and did we sit here as a nation and laugh as he was mocked. Why not just put him up at the pillar again? Why not just whip him and beat him? Why not just publicly humiliate him? Why not just tear his clothing from him, spit on him, and when he asks for water, we give him vinegar?”

Really, Glenn? Every great, freeing act came from Jesus? Is your conception of the world that narrow? You do realize that there are cultures around the world and throughout history that knew nothing of or cared nothing for Jesus, don’t you? Has there never been a “great, freeing act” in China or Japan? And I’ll let you in on a little secret: Comedy is inherently subversive by nature. Being subversive requires taking on the great shibboleths of one’s country and culture, skewering sacred cows. Given the dominance of Christianity in this country, it would be shocking if a fair amount of comedy did not aim at that religion.


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