Another Failed Anti-Obama Rally

Another Failed Anti-Obama Rally December 13, 2014

I wrote recently about a bunch of right-wing sheriffs planning a “massive gathering” in Washington, DC to protest President Obama’s immigration orders. In what has now become a dog bites man story, I’m sure it will come as a shock to you that it completely fizzled. In fact, there were two “rallies” that amounted to nothing.

The cries for increased deportation, as well as an impeachment of the president, began with a morning rally at the White House, where despite the zealous energy amongst the assembled Tea Partyers and militia members, seemingly only about two dozen protesters showed up to air their discontent and express their support for a group of sheriffs gathering on the Hill to oppose the executive action.

Led by a picket-sign-toting activist in Revolutionary War-era garb, the small gathering of “patriots” waved American flags and chanted their demands for the “terrorist” President Obama to step down, at the apparent behest of “King Jesus,” for welcoming “diseased” immigrants into the country…

Several blocks away and a few hours later, the anti-immigration group NumbersUSA staged what can very loosely be called a rally on Capitol Hill to welcome approximately 50 sheriffs convening in Washington to lobby against the president’s immigration action.

Sadly, it appeared that neither the sheriffs nor too many NumbersUSA supporters got the memo, as the rally drew fewer than 10 people, two picket signs, and one American flag.

But the handful of people who gathered were full of all kinds of conspiracy theories and violent threats.

Among the remarks picked up by the cameraman:

“Hang the traitor!”

“Hang the lying Kenyan traitor!”

“We’ve got rope.”

“Plenty of trees in the front yard, wouldn’t be the first one hung on one of them trees.”

“Whatever happened to those good ol’ days?”

“Don’t snap his neck, you watch him choke to death.”

“He’s just biding his time until Satan takes him home to where he belongs.”


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  • Kevin Kehres

    Back in the olden days, when Jesus rode dinosaurs and I was a newspaper reporter, this type of thing happened all the time.

    And we mainly ignored it. Because kooks don’t get space in the newspaper.

    With the invention of the interwebs, kooks don’t need to get space in the newspaper.

    The ratio of kooks to non-kooks is about the same as before. The difference is the ability of kooks to spread their kookery around the globe instantaneously. Even aided and abetted by non-kooks who take a iPhone video and post it to YouTube in a “haha, aren’t kooks hilarious” kind of way.

  • anubisprime

    Aaahhh!…. the commentators are obviously the deep thought philosophical wing of the dimbat diggleberry legion.

    Take that Obama….and err! shake in ya boots…or something!

  • Mike Morris

    It is heartening to note that the Black Lives Matter and associated rallies have eclipsed the loons.

  • Tony! The Queer Shoop

    Where is the militarized police force to meet these protesters? Where are the attack dogs, LRADs, rubber bullets, & tear gas? What…? Those are only deployed against uppity black people demanding their rights?

  • busterggi

    Tony @ 4. yes.

  • In fact, there were two “rallies”

    Two rallies? Aha! Twice as many rallies as originally planned. The anti-Obama tsunami is cresting! /Fox News

  • illdoittomorrow

    What, only one Murkin flag for the rally (let alone a ratio of one for every ten people…)? Obviously these guys are going soft. Where are the Real Patriots when you need them?

    “Plenty of trees in the front yard, wouldn’t be the first one hung on one of them trees.”

    Yes, folks, racism is indeed over.

  • It wasn’t a failure. Each one builds on the one before it, showing the rest of America what Americans really want, putting more and more pressure on the White House to do the Constitutional thing. Just a couple more years of rallies like this and King Obama will have to abdicate.

  • anubisprime

    Well yes their well laid plans and extremely technical logistics are improving at every rally…one tiny little flaw seems to be creeping in…no one can be really bothered showing up!

    Numbers of patriots are dropping rally by rally.

    White-house must be in utter turmoil by now…revolution is in the air…the ghost of Revere rides again…err after he has finished fucking around with some time capsule in Massachusetts, but some things are more important then making a total dipshit of oneself in Washington

  • JoeBuddha

    I wonder what the left-wing-troll to right-wing-true-believer is here….

  • Larry

    they sound nice.

  • raven

    I wonder what the left-wing-troll to right-wing-true-believer is here….

    Probably lower than the ratio of Department of Homeland Security undercover agents to right wingnut racists.

  • thebookofdave

    First Operation American Spring, then the 2nd American Revolution, now this. They frog-march the Kenyan usurper out of the Oval Office, indict him under a citizen grand jury, hang him from the tallest tree in town, and let him sneak back through the front door every time. Hasn’t anyone suggested changing the locks on the White House?

  • dingojack

    10 people? Isn’t that how the right are defining ‘massive rally’ these days? (It used to be 250 people, but then they were forced to implement an ‘efficiency dividend’)…

    🙂 Dingo

  • Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden

    Crap, and I just used ee cummings’ “nextto of course god america” as my comment on the Jindal thread…

  • What kind of traitorous sheriffs are these? They have no business telling the President what to do. They should be hanged for treason.