Barber and Staver: Medical Experts

Barber and Staver: Medical Experts December 13, 2014

Matt Barber and Mat Staver, noted clinical oncologists, think that abortion causes breast cancer, something that actual medical doctors and studies say is false. But it must be true, they say, because the Bible says the wages of sin are death.

“Scripture talks about the wages of sin is death,” Barber said. “It strikes me that abortion is a sin, abortion is absolutely a sin, so the natural consequence of an unnatural behavior of going in an killing an unborn baby in the mother’s womb therefore wreaking havoc, killing the child, that is a sin and the wages of sin there, the natural consequence of that havoc that has been wreaked here is an increased risk of breast cancer.”

When Barber sought to clarify that he was not saying that breast cancer is God’s way of punishing women who have had abortions, Staver stepped in to say that having an abortion was no different than ingesting poison.

“You take strychnine or you take some kind of poison into your body, you have to expect that there’s going to be consequences,” Staver said. “It’s an obvious natural consequence to an act, a choice that someone makes.”

God sure has a funny way of killing women who have abortions, especially since women almost never die from abortions but do die more often than one might think from giving birth. If abortion is a sin and the wages of sin are death and God therefore punishes that sin with cancer, why would he pick breast cancer, which has a near 100% survival rate if caught early and a 72% survival rate even if caught after it hits stage 3? Why not pancreatic cancer, which is far more fatal? Or why not just strike them dead?

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