Keyes: Obama is Hitler, is Destroying America

Keyes: Obama is Hitler, is Destroying America December 13, 2014

Alan Keyes, always a voice of calm, lucid rationality, went on Rick Wiles’ TruNews radio show and declared that Obama is the second coming of Adolf Hitler and that he’s destroying the country — along with Playboy, rock music and The Gay.

Keyes told host Rick Wiles that while the government should follow God’s laws, Obama wants to become God and appoint himself Führer: “We are not, as citizens, always supposed to be trying to lift up some Fuhrer the way the Germans thought. Führer was their word for leader. They wanted to lift up some Führer who would dictate to their country the way Obama is trying to do now and tell us what to do.”…

Decrying Obama’s “dictatorial actions,” Keyes accused the president of “importing” undocumented immigrants “in order to facilitate what I think is an overthrow of our Constitution.”

“We’re teetering, we’re more than teetering on the brink, I actually think we’re falling through the abyss, headed toward a rock bottom when our institutions will crumble the way the Twin Towers suddenly fell in that terrible day in 2001,” he said.

Godwin? Check. Terrorists? Check. What, no Kenyan Muslim stuff? You’re going soft, Mr. Keyes.

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