Staver: The Gay is a Communist Plot to Destroy America

Staver: The Gay is a Communist Plot to Destroy America December 14, 2014

Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, says that homosexuality is all part of a communist plot to destroy America. He presents no evidence for this, of course. One has to wonder what communists he’s referring to. Kim Jung-un?

When a caller cited Cleon Skousen’s 1956 book “The Naked Communist” to claim that homosexuality is part of a communist endeavor “to soften America for the final takeover,” Staver completely agreed: “Yes, Skousen has a lot of good writings. In fact, he mentioned that many years ago and here’s where we are today.”

“Same-sex marriage is the beginning of the end of western civilization,” he said. “It really is, it’s that serious.”

Staver said leaders in countries like Peru and Jamaica have told them that Obama is an “interventionist” “with regards to immoral issues,” warning that the president is “using our State Department dollars and the ambassadors that he’s appointed to promote abortion and same-sex marriage.”

He also decried America’s “shameful” opposition to Jamaica’s ban on homosexuality.

Isn’t it interesting that the Christian right bigots claim that they’re just trying to stop same-sex marriage and the destruction of “religious liberty” (as they dishonestly define it, of course), yet they’re always defending laws around the world that throw gay people in prison or even put them to death. It’s almost like they’re hiding their real agenda or something.

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