Anti-gay Pastor Lied to Holocaust Survivors to Make Anti-Semitic Film

Anti-gay Pastor Lied to Holocaust Survivors to Make Anti-Semitic Film December 15, 2014

Well here’s something entirely unsurprising. Steven Anderson, that vile, hateful asshole pastor from Arizona who says we should kill all gay people and the world would be AIDS-free by Christmas, is also an anti-Semite who lied to rabbis and holocaust survivors to get them to appear in an anti-Semitic documentary he made.

Earlier this year, Rabbi Leo Abrami, a Holocaust survivor who has served at Reform and Conservative synagogues throughout his decades-long career, was contacted by a man who said that he was making a documentary explaining some aspects of the Jewish faith. He offered to come to Abrami’s home in Sun City West and arrived with a cameraman. His visitor turned out to be Anderson, although Anderson identified himself as “an interested layperson” who was curious about Judaism, Abrami said. “I made the mistake of not Googling him before he came.”

Anderson also contacted Rabbi Reuven Mann, an Orthodox rabbi; Rabbi Irwin Wiener, who serves congregations in Sun Lakes and Sun City West; and Jeffrey Schesnol, a Humanistic ceremonial leader training to become a madrikh (guide).

“The subterfuge that he used to get these interviews from us is beyond belief,” said Wiener, who noted that the man mentioned a PBS documentary. “When he used the words PBS to me, it sounded legitimate and I didn’t pursue it any further,” he said.

Mann said he feels “like it’s a responsibility to explain Judaism to anyone that’s interested” and is asked to do so frequently. “I’m very open about this and I don’t suspect that anyone has any ulterior motives,” he said. He was contacted this past summer and although he said he doesn’t remember the particulars, he remembers being told by his interviewers that they were working on a documentary about religion in general and that they wanted someone to speak about Judaism.

“They were extremely polite and friendly,” Mann said. “We set it up in my study, and they were asking me all kinds of questions. They seemed pretty curious and knowledgeable, and I was answering very honestly.”

Schesnol said that his interviewer told him that he was working on behalf of a Los Angeles-based film company and the documentary would be used as an educational tool to help people – Jews and non-Jews – understand Jewish concepts and the differences between the various branches of Judaism. The interview was filmed at the Cutler-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center in downtown Phoenix.

They were all asked to sign a release to approve use of the material from the interviews. Now, all four are being used in promotional materials for “Marching to Zion,” an anti-Jewish film that is slated to be released in March 2015.

Last month, the Anti-Defamation League issued a statement about this film, which Anderson is co-producing with Paul Wittenberger, whom the ADL calls a conspiracy-oriented filmmaker from Los Angeles. ADL stated that it was “deeply troubled by the upcoming release of a new ‘documentary’ geared toward Christian audiences that purportedly will focus on ‘the history of the Jews,’ but in fact will likely serve as a tool for denigrating Jews and Judaism.”

In a promotional video, Anderson said that the film has two purposes: “to prove that the Jews are no longer God’s chosen people in the New Testament but that we as believers, we as Christians, are God’s chosen people. And secondly, to prove that the modern-day nation of Israel over in the Middle East is a complete fraud.”

How entirely unsurprising that a bigot of one type would also be a bigot of another type. And a liar. But he’s lying for Jesus, so that makes it okay.

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  • You’d figure the pastor constantly trying to get him to drink “Christian baby blood” on camera would’ve been a giveaway.

  • raven

    who says we should kill all gay people and the world would be AIDS-free by Christmas,

    Lied about HIV/AIDS too.

    The vast majority of HIV infected people worldwide are women and children. It’s primarily a heterosexually transmitted virus.

    We would have to kill all the heterosexuals and gays by Xmas to eliminate AIDS using Steve Anderson’s nonreasoning. But then there wouldn’t be a Xmas, since everyone would be…dead.

    According to the latest statistics, about 50% of all new HIV infections in the USA are from heterosex or IV drug use. Using Anderson’s genocide plan, it still wouldn’t work.

    PS: But Steve Anderson’s plan is clearly biblically inspired though. God’s fixes for his mistakes often involve genocide and never work anyway e.g. the Big Boat Genocide.

  • Loqi

    Unfortunately for Anderson, Leni Riefenstahl was not available to produce and direct it for him.

  • dingojack

    Raven – number of new cases of AIDS within the US and dependant regions in 2012 (in adolescents and adults):

    male-to-male sexual contact 30,695

    Heterosexual sexual contact 12,190

    IV drug use 3,314

    Both male-to-male sexual contact and IV drug use 1,356

    Other (blood-transfusion/hemophilla/perinatal contact/risk not identified or reported) 190

    In those less than 13 years at diagnosis:

    Perinatal 161

    Other (as above) 81

    SOURCE: Diagnosis by Transmission Type.


  • caseloweraz

    I knew Paul Michael Glaser lost his wife to AIDS from a blood transfusion but I never knew he lost his daughter to the scourge too.

  • Michael Heath

    Ed reports:

    In a promotional video, [Steven] Anderson said that the film has two purposes: [. . .] And secondly, to prove that the modern-day nation of Israel over in the Middle East is a complete fraud.

    Now there’s a degree of denialism you don’t see every day. I’d argue that’s worse than the flat earth society.

  • anubisprime

    Oh noes…say it ain’t so!

    A Christian Pastor is caught lying and manipulating, how can that be so, must be those secular types taking it out of context…yeah that must be it…he was just misunderstood.

  • colnago80

    Re Michael Heath @ #6

    Well, the Ayatollah Ali-Khamenei, Hamas, Hizbollah, and the ISIL are in complete agreement with the good reverend.