Louis Gohmert’s New Best Friend

Louis Gohmert’s New Best Friend December 15, 2014

Wingnut bigot David Horowitz recently held his annual gathering of other wingnut bigots, including Geert Wilders and Louis Gohmert, who apparently hit it off famously. So much so, in fact, that Wilders demanded that the audience give Gohmert a standing ovation after he raised a completely irrelevant point.

It appears that Wilders formed a strong connection with Rep. Louie Gohmert who, after Wilders’ speech to the event, stood to tell the Dutch visitor about the Muslim prayer service that had been recently held in the National Cathedral in Washington. Gohmert asserted that the service was purposefully timed by “these terrorists” to mark the hundredth anniversary of a fatwa issued by the Ottoman caliph in the early days of World War I.

“Yesterday, for the first time, Friday Muslim prayers were conducted in the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.,” Gohmert said. “And what the Episcopal Church didn’t realize and what you know better than most anyone, anniversaries are a big deal to these terrorists and it’s the hundredth — I’d like to say it’s the thousandth, but it was the hundredth anniversary — November 14, 1914, when the last caliph of the Ottoman Empire, the last one, issued a fatwa that started the murder spree that began with young girls being raped and then crucified. So anyway, we see what’s happening here, but hardly a peep about yesterday.”

Wilders responded by asking the audience to stand and applaud Gohmert and Rep. Michele Bachmann for having “the guts to talk about the issue.”

Yeah, it sure takes “guts” for a right wing bigot to rant ignorantly against Muslims in this day and age, especially at a conference for right wing bigots (like Wilders). What courage.


Wilders, for his part, delivered his usual authoritarian demand that Western nations ban all Muslim immigration, ban the building of mosques and shut down all Muslim schools.

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