Savage: Charge Feinstein With Treason

Savage: Charge Feinstein With Treason December 15, 2014

Among the more bizarre and extreme reactions to the release of the Senate torture report, Michael Savage says that Dianne Feinstein should be charged with sedition or treason for its release. Because that’s a totally rational, thoughtful response.

Later in the week, Savage questioned the timing of the release of a report detailing CIA interrogation techniques that many critics describe as torture.

“There is no justification whatsoever for releasing the CIA torture report at a time when ISIS is on the rise,” he said, singling out Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., for criticism.

“Why isn’t she being charged with sedition or treason?” Savage asked, given that the report reveals highly sensitive information that could put American lives at risk.

By “highly sensitive information,” of course, he means it tells the truth about what the government did. You know, the government that Savage thinks is completely evil and corrupt — except when it comes to law enforcement, the military or the CIA, who are all perfect and holy and must never be questioned lest you be accused of treason.

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  • dingojack

    Well she is a (sort of) whistle-blower after all…

    @@ Dingo

  • Mr Ed

    There never will be a good time to release the report. The damage done wasn’t by the report but but by torturing people.

  • dingojack

    By the way, Wingnuts, how’s that whole Benghazi-thing going? No, on second thoughts, don’t tell me — it might not be ‘the appropriate juncture’ to release the information (what with ISIL on the rise and all).

    @@ Dingo

  • Secret torture isn’t bad. Torture is only bad when the world knows about it because then others might think its now okay to publicly torture, or something like that.

  • barry21

    Torture apologists dispute the report as partisan and meaningless (despite its many citations to CIA docs), yet accept the unsupported refutations of interested parties.

    They complain about timing. They complain about Feinstein. They do ANYTHING to avoid engaging with its actual contents.

  • dugglebogey

    Telling people about immoral actions is not immoral! Only actually DOING the immoral actions is immoral!

  • D. C. Sessions

    Torture apologists dispute the report as partisan and meaningless (despite its many citations to CIA docs),

    See? They’ve even fooled you. You take those “citations to CIA docs” at face value, but think a moment: how do you know that they’re real? Have you seen those so-called “CIA docs?” No, you haven’t. You have no reason to believe in the so-called “citations.” The Democrats could have just made all that up — and that’s what the Democrat Party does, all the time!

    It’s faked, from beginning to end. Just a partisan distraction from Benghazi Obamacare chemtrails FEMA camps Benghazi!

  • caseloweraz

    Here’s a question Michael Savage (aka Michael Alan Weiner) should ponder: If releasing the report of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, which details a pattern of CIA torture and mismanagement, is wrong — then why is it not wrong to release the GOP reply defending torture, or to have Cheney and others defending their actions in the media?

    In fact, Savage objects to the condemnation of torture, calling it inflammatory, but has nothing to say about the illegal and immoral torture itself or about those defending it “at a time when ISIS is on the rise.”

    He’s not only viciously partisan, but illogical. (I know: what else is new?)

  • marcus

    caseloweraz @ 8 “Here’s a question Michael Savage (aka Michael Alan Weiner)…”

    And there I was thinking that maybe he was Dan’s brother… 🙂

  • John Pieret


    why is it not wrong to release the GOP reply defending torture, or to have Cheney and others defending their actions in the media?

    Well, duh! If the stupid, Marxist, Socialist, treasonous Democrats hadn’t mucked it all up, ISIS and those other terrorists would have gone on believing Cheney and the Republicans when they said that we didn’t torture anyone!

  • DukeOfOmnium

    Leaving the moral question of torture out of it, Feinstein has absolute immunity on the subject. As a member of Congress, she is shielded by the “speeches or debates” clause. Mike Gravel was similarly shielded when he leaked the Pentagon Papers. So, who’s really committing treason? The Senator with immunity, or the one who wants to abrogate the Constitution?

  • mikeym

    Remember when Savage was calling for Libby, Rove, and Cheney to be charged with treason for outing an undercover CIA agent?

    Me neither.

  • busterggi

    Michael Savages is the ultimate salad shooter.