Fischer: We Torture Because of ‘Christian Principles’

Fischer: We Torture Because of ‘Christian Principles’ December 16, 2014

Bryan Fischer continues to insist that what we did to so many detainees was not torture — bet it would be torture if a Muslim did it — and he goes even further, saying that they had no legal rights at all. In fact, the only reason we treated them as well as we did is because of our “Christian principles.”

As Fischer explained, foreign terrorism suspects have no constitutional rights since they are not U.S. citizens, nor do they have any rights under the Geneva Conventions, which means that the U.S. faces no legal prohibition against torturing them.

“They have absolutely no legal rights that they can claim anywhere,” Fischer said. “So whatever treatment we give them, if there is any mercy involved in it, they have no right to that; that is simply because we are a merciful people who are driven by Christian principles.”

Yes, of course. We waterboarded people, anally raped them and all that because of our “Christian principles.” Who would Jesus torture? I mean, other than everyone who doesn’t believe in him, for all eternity.


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