Rios Predicts Total Collapse of Society

Rios Predicts Total Collapse of Society December 17, 2014

Sandy Rios of the American Family Association thinks that since Ted Cruz failed to prevent the passage of the cromnibus bill and shut down the government over immigration, the United States is now doomed to a dystopic future and imminent collapse.

Rios called Sens. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Jeff Sessions and Rep. Steve King “real heroes” for fighting to block President Obama’s executive action on immigration, lamenting that if their undertaking were to fail “then it may be that we’ll all just have to fold up and retreat and really, I believe, at that point America will implode. That’s really what I believe.”

She went on to say that “the house will come down” and America will experience attacks, rioting and an economic crash.

“Our financial systems will come crashing down, your pensions will be gone, your social security, your medical care will not be available, there will be rioting in the streets,” she said. “Even your neighbors and friends who are paying no attention at all will be saying ,‘what happened, why didn’t I know, why didn’t I see this coming,’ and it will be too late.”

But gosh, Sandy, aren’t you and millions of other people praying to stop this? Do your prayers not work?

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  • dingojack

    Just like it did when St. Ronnie of Altzheimers passed a nearly identical bill some thirty odd years ago, Sandy?


  • D. C. Sessions

    Ding, StRoA didn’t pass a bill (just as BHO didn’t) — it was a nearly executive order in both cases.

  • dugglebogey

    When they fail (which they will) please “fold up and retreat” Sandy. Anything as long as you shut the fuck up.

  • eric

    …your pensions will be gone…

    Uh, I think for most Americans, that already happened. Due mostly to demographic changes which made them somewhat risky/unfeasible, but also probably with an assist from your own party, Sandy. Fixed/guaranteed corporate benefits to employees is not exactly something pro-business economic conservatives support.

  • dingojack

    D. C. Sessions – Oops, good catch!


  • John Pieret

    I think we should call the ever-mounting hysteria of the wingnut “pundits” by the term “Frisson Fatigue.”

    They know that the only way to get the rubes to keep listening and sending in money is if the alternative is some great spiritual/political/social disaster looming right ahead. But getting those comfortable people, living in their comfortable houses, with comfortable neighbors to keep sending in money requires that they be fearful. But after a while, the rubes calm down and look around and it doesn’t seem so bad, so the wingnuts need to stir them up again. But each time it it takes more to make a shiver go up the spine of the rubes, so the looming danger has to be greater, more … well … apocalyptic. Hence, the frisson fatigue of the masses requires ever greater escalation.

  • busterggi

    “America will experience attacks, rioting and an economic crash.”

    Isn’t that what we had under our previous, accepted Christian POTUS?

  • culuriel

    Why are they proposing this as the future? Our financial system collapsed and pensions disappeared already. And for millions of people, medical already wasn’t available. Or are the events of 2008 now retroactively considered the fulfilling of prophecy?

  • alanb

    What is wrong with Sandy Rios? As far as I can tell she didn’t even try to sell survival supplies or AR-15s

  • mithrandir

    To Rios, I have only this to say: “Shout louder! Surely he is God! Perhaps He is deep in thought, or busy, … Or maybe He is away on a trip, or is asleep and needs to be wakened!”