This Just In: Pam Geller is a Weapons Grade Moron

This Just In: Pam Geller is a Weapons Grade Moron December 17, 2014

Man, Pam Geller has made a lot of egregiously stupid arguments before, but this one may top them all. A Muslim group recently won a lawsuit against a city in New Jersey that denied them the right to build a new mosque and was awarded legal fees. Geller says this is the imposition of a “jizya” tax.

Anti-Muslim blogger Pamela Geller said last week that the Obama administration’s actions on behalf of civil rights for Muslim Americans amount to the imposition of the jizya, a tax on non-Muslims.

In an interview with Rick Wiles of “TruNews,” Geller fumed about a New Jersey town’s $7.75 million settlement with an Islamic group that sued after the township denied its request to build a mosque, a decision that a judge ruled [PDF] was made in part as a result of “anti-Muslim prejudice.”​

While the Brennan Center for Justice and the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund represented the Islamic center in the lawsuit, Geller blamed the Department of Justice, which according to one of the center’s attorneys had opened an investigation into the case.

“That’s the jizya, that’s the poll tax we see all through Islamic history imposed upon Christians and Jews living under Islamic law,” she said of the settlement, accusing the Department of Justice of becoming the “de facto legal arm of many of these Muslim Brotherhood groups in the country.”

No, that’s how federal law works. The Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act allows religious organizations to sue if they’re denied a zoning exemption. Christian and Jewish groups have used that law hundreds of times and been granted legal fees when they win. But one time a Muslim group does it, and Geller goes completely off the deep end. How completely unsurprising.

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