Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Pat Robertson vs Ted Cruz

Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Pat Robertson vs Ted Cruz December 17, 2014

Okay kids, it’s wingnut on wingnut crime time again. And this time, we have infamous Christian con man Pat Robertson taking on the relatively new political con man Ted Cruz. Like a whole lot of other conservatives, Robertson blasted Cruz for his grandstanding in the Senate over the weekend, which actually hurt their cause:

“I tell ya’, this Ted Cruz, a lot of people in Texas just think he’s wonderful and I don’t want to rain on their parade but what he did was this, he held the Senate open by his delaying tactics and in the process Harry Reid says, ‘Oh, we’ve got some time, let’s rush through some appointees.’ So they started approving one after the other, left-wing appointments that Barack Obama had made that a more deliberative process would’ve held up, that was what Mr. Cruz gave us,” Robertson said.

“This bomb-throwing stuff and ‘I’ll be a lone wolf and I’m the man in the Senate who is going to be like Jimmy Stewart and I’m just going to Washington to represent the people,’ it’s nonsense.”

But it’s what happens when you value ideological purity over absolutely everything else.


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  • colnago80

    I probably sound like a broken record but a warning against underestimating Ted Cruz is in order. Cruz is not, repeat, not a wingnut. He’s a a brilliant sociopathic demagogue who knows exactly what he’s doing. Think Joe McCarthy with brains. IMHO, he has a plan for running for president in 2016 which is entirely rational, namely setting himself up as the candidate of the teabaggers. In a low turnout Rethuglican primary/caucus, he can win them with less then a majority of the votes, much like George McGovern did in 1972 when Muskie and Humphrey were both in the race splitting the centrist Democratic vote. However, that requires marginalizing his potential rivals (e.g. Santorum, Perry, Walker, etc.), and forcing them out of the race early on. It also requires that there be more then one establishment candidate (e.g. Jeb Bush) to split what’s left the the Rethuglican establishment. I see that as his best strategy, albeit something of a long shot, but it’s his best shot.

  • John Pieret

    You can say this for Ol’ Pat … he may spout crazy shit but he is a very wealthy man and knows which side of the bread the butter is on. Like the rest of the 1%ers in the Republican party, the last person he wants to see as president is Ted Cruz leading a populist movement that, when it comes right down to it, is no more favorable toward the super rich than Occupy Wallstreet. A nice safe Democratic centerist would be much preferable and it would be a toss up between Cruz and someone like Elizabeth Warren.

  • colnago80

    This just in, a decision by the administration to restore relations with Cuba. That will, in all probability, cause Senator Cruz considerable heartburn and apoplexy on the Rethuglican right.

  • D. C. Sessions

    So they started approving one after the other, left-wing appointments that Barack Obama had made that a more deliberative process would’ve held up

    How deliberative does the process have to be? Bear in mind that our “left wing” Surgeon General was being “deliberated” for more than a year. I checked the Senate’s schedule and there hasn’t been a debate or committee hearing for more than six months.

  • dono

    “Left-wing.” Oh, brother.