Another Right Wing Plan to Take Over Territory

Another Right Wing Plan to Take Over Territory December 18, 2014

We’ve already had the Free State Project, where people planned to take over a state and turn it into a libertarian paradise, and Christian Exodus, which planned to take over South Carolina and turn it into a theocracy. Now we have a right-wing plan to take over a county in Arizona and then refuse to comply with federal law.

Richard Mack, the former sheriff and “posse comitatus” figure, announced earlier this month that he planned to run for sheriff in Navajo County, Arizona, where “Patriot” activists plan to ignore federal laws they don’t like – and he urged participants at last weekend’s “I Will Not Comply” gun rally to join him there.

“I want you to carefully, prayerfully consider moving there with me, and I’m serious,” Mack said Saturday in Olympia, Washington. “You want to live in a free county? You want to live by constitutional law? You want to not be worried about federal government coming in and ruining your lives and families and hauling you off at midnight? Come live with us there.”

Right Wing Watch reported that Mack explained to pro-gun and anti-government activists that establishing “constitutional counties” was the last “peaceful” option to defend freedom from tyranny.

“If we’re going to take back freedom, we have one opportunity to keep it peaceful, and that is the enforcement of state sovereignty by our sheriffs and by our state and county legislatures,” he said.

I don’t know where this obsession the right wing has with county sheriffs come from. A lot of them really do believe that the county sheriff is the highest legal authority in the land, which is simply bullshit. But this plan will fizzle just like that KKK plot to take over a city in Idaho failed.

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