Beck: I’m the Real Victim of Persecution!

Beck: I’m the Real Victim of Persecution! December 19, 2014

Samuel L. Jackson recently made a video urging his fellow celebrities to speak out against racism and violence by the police. That was enough to send Glenn Beck into a fit of red-faced rage, declaring himself to be the real victim of persecution and discrimination because he’s a Christian (well, Mormon; close enough).

“You want to talk about racism? You want to talk about bigotry?” Beck said. “Let me ask you: have you tried being me? Have you tried being a conservative? Have you tried being a Tea Party member?”

Claiming that conservatives in Hollywood have to meet in secret and conceal their views for fear of being blackballed by the liberal establishment, Beck declared that it is people like him who are the real victims of discrimination.

“I can’t change what I believe,” he bellowed. “I believe in God the Almighty. I believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. There’s nothing I can do to change that. Sometimes, believe me, I don’t want to believe that; it’s not fun all the time, it’s not easy all the time, it doesn’t make you popular all the time. I can’t change it. It is who I am to the very fiber of my being. That’s who I am. Do you think that I want to be a pariah?”

“Don’t tell me about your problems, Samuel L. Jackson,” Beck concluded. “Shut the hell up.”

Yeah, have you tried being him? Have you tried being a white man who makes almost $100 million a year and has an adoring audience of millions who hang on his every word no matter how ridiculous or dishonest he might be? You try walking a mile in his handmade Italian shoes before you start complaining about police gunning down innocent people, you liberal scum!

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