Messianic Rabbi Uses Hanukkah to Blather Ignorantly

Messianic Rabbi Uses Hanukkah to Blather Ignorantly December 19, 2014

The Worldnetdaily has an interview with Jonathan Cahn, their favorite messianic “rabbi” (read: Christian preacher) and end-times babbler, about Hannukah. He uses the opportunity to spout all manner of ignorant nonsense about the evils of The Gay, separation of church and state and more. Let’s start with this amusing bit of stupid:

The Maccabees, after their final victory, cleansed and rededicated the temple and restored biblical Judaism.

There is no such thing as “biblical Judaism.” The Bible is a Christian book, not a Jewish one, and it did not exist at the time of the Maccabees.

He sees America as morphing into a replica of Europe, which is a post-Christian society.

“What happened in Europe is happening here, that a nation that existed only because of God is now changing and trying to eradicate God,” Cahn said.

The New York Times used to post the summation of all the major Sunday sermons in the city, said Cahn, who leads a Messianic Jewish congregation in New Jersey and grew up reading the Times.

“Now, when it speaks of Christianity, it’s almost as if it’s a foreign thing. Because it’s a pagan culture now,” he said. “Hanukkah occurred during pre-Christian times. Now we’re dealing with post Christian. Of the two, post-Christian culture is far worse. It’s the difference between someone who has never heard the gospel and someone who has turned against the gospel.

“A pre-Christian society will produce someone like an Alexander the Great or a Caesar,” Cahn said. “A post-Christian society will produce a Hitler or a Stalin, and the antichrist.”

And how about the Christian societies of Europe from the 4th century to the 18th century? Not a single one of them had anything like religious freedom. They were brutal, theocratic monarchies and dictatorships, from the Roman Catholic nations and their constant pogroms against Jews to Calvin’s Protestant theocracy of Geneva to the Puritan brutality of the Plymouth Bay Colony in what is now America.

The spirit of antichrist seeks to remove God from every corner of the culture. The Bible and prayer were removed from schools in 1960s.

No they weren’t. What was removed was government-coerced prayer and Bible reading. It’s always incredible to hear those who advocate “smaller government” then turn around and demand that the government force school children to recite government-composed prayers and read religious texts. You can bet that if it were the Quran they were being forced to read, their tune would change. As usual, “religious freedom” really means “Christian hegemony.”

The Ten Commandments were later removed from courthouses, a process that continues. “Hate laws” have been passed in many cities making it a crime to say anything that paints homosexuality in a negative light.

Yeah, funny how all these laws supposedly exist and yet not a single person has ever been arrested for saying “anything that paints homosexuality in a negative light.” And bigots like Cahn and the people at the Worldnetdaily continue to spew anti-gay hatred every single day without being arrested. It’s almost like they’re full of shit or something.

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