Torture Psychologist Resigns as Mormon Bishop

Torture Psychologist Resigns as Mormon Bishop December 19, 2014

Bruce Jessen, one of the two psychologists whose firm made $81 million for designing the failed and barbaric torture program for the CIA, had to step down as a Mormon bishop because that revelation made him just too controversial to carry on.

One of the chief architects of the CIA’s harsh interrogation program said on Thursday he had to quit as leader of his Mormon church in 2012 amid controversy about his role in fighting terrorism.

No senior policymakers or CIA officials have been charged for the maltreatment of suspects, but at least for former Air Force psychologist Bruce Jessen there has been a repercussion at a local level for his part in the so-called “war on terror.”

Jessen resigned as bishop of a Mormon congregation in Spokane, Washington after civil liberties and human rights activists criticized his professional past in the local newspaper.

“I just felt it would be unfair for me to bring that controversy to a lot of other people, so I decided to step down,” Jessen told Reuters outside his home south of Spokane.

Really? That is the part of all of this you think is unfair? Not the fact that you violated your professional responsibilities to help people rather than hurt them? Not that you tortured human beings? Other people dealing with that fact is the core unfairness of it all for you? Then you’re a morally bankrupt human being.

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