Clueless Actress: Public Assistance is Just Like Slavery

Clueless Actress: Public Assistance is Just Like Slavery December 21, 2014

Stacey Dash was one of the lead characters in the movie Clueless and that word seems to describe her perfectly. She’s now a Fox News contributor and she said on a recent show that giving public assistance to families with children is just like slavery.

Turning to co-host and former Clueless actress Stacey Dash, Faulkner said, “Stacey, I know you have some strong thoughts on this.”

Dash immediately called it “slavery” before listing off a seemingly random laundry list of unrelated topics.

“This is the Democratic party’s new version of slavery to me,” she stated. “I am a believer in the American dream. But as long as you are told where you have to live, what you have to eat, what you have to wear, where you have to go to school, you will never know the true meaning of expression. And, the power and value of self achievement. You’ll never know what that is.”

Saying she was playing “devil’s advocate,” a seemingly confused Faulkner asked Dash, “What would you say to somebody who would argue that those so many of these children might be needing these programs and so you would be leaving them behind if you didn’t shore them up.”

“You educate them, ” Dash simply stated. “You support them and you give them a certain amount of time, you don’t just keep giving it to them.”

Yeah, it’s slavery — but it’s okay for a little while. I’ve heard this welfare = slavery argument a million times from conservatives, but they never actually spell out what is supposed to be analogous between them. That’s because they can’t, of course, because their argument is bullshit. That’s why it has to be defended with word salads like the one Dash gave above.

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