WBC Denied Right to Intervene in Marriage Case. Again.

WBC Denied Right to Intervene in Marriage Case. Again. December 22, 2014

For the second time, a federal district judge has denied a request by the Westboro Baptist Church to intervene in the lawsuit challenging Kansas’ ban on same-sex marriage. That will come as a surprise only to the Westboro Baptist Church.

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  • daved

    WBC has its knickers in a twist because they’re sure that the courts will require them to perform same-sex marriages. Inasmuch as there is absolutely no reason to assume this, the district court politely told them to get lost.

  • John Pieret

    ‘If at first you don’t succeed, make a complete nuisance of yourself’ is not a strategy likely to endear yourself to a Federal judge.

  • “Your Honor, homosexual marriage damages us all because God hates fags.”

    “Even if a gay person marries another gay person?”

    “Yes. God hates fags.”

    “Would you be okay with marriages where a gay marries a hetero?”

    “No, your Honor.” [Fags]


    “Because God hates fag.” [Fags fags]

    “Well, it doesn’t have as much fag in it.”

    “Yes, but God still hates fags.” [Fags fags, fags].


    “Yes, fags.” [Fags fags. Fags fags.]

    [Vikings descend from ceiling, sketch breaks out into most uncomfortable version of Spam sketch ever. Sketch interrupted by The Colonel. The Colonel interrupted by letter from Brigadier Sir Charles Arthur Strong (Ms.), to WBC, “Dear Sir, I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms about…”]

  • whheydt

    I doubt that the judge’s rejection of WBCs effort to intervene is really a surprise to the lawyer(s) in question. It won’t stop WBC from complaining about it, though, and possibly not from trying again (and again, and again, ….).