Wingnut Blames ‘Antichrist Spirit’ for ‘War on Christmas’

Wingnut Blames ‘Antichrist Spirit’ for ‘War on Christmas’ December 22, 2014

Gary Cass of the Anti-Christian Defamation Commission is blaming the (non-existent) “Antichrist spirit” for the (non-existent) War on Christmas. But wait, I thought the War on Christmas was over and Bill O’Reilly won? I wish these guys would get on the same page.

Cass warned that “the spirit of Antichrist” has been “fairly emboldened because of the political landscape over the last few years,” suggesting that President Obama’s electoral victories have encouraged anti-Christmas warriors.

“The people that are on the other side of this issue because of what they probably misinterpreted as, ‘gosh secularism is winning,’ and I think President Obama is a poster child for that, so they think, ‘we’re on the ascendency,’ so I think that’s emboldened them,’” he said, adding that Christmas-haters are trying to usurp religious holidays “in order to get attention” since “they don’t have anything that’s worthwhile, I joke that the only holiday that the atheists have is April 1st.”

What a hilarious joke.

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