Wingnut Blames ‘Antichrist Spirit’ for ‘War on Christmas’

Wingnut Blames ‘Antichrist Spirit’ for ‘War on Christmas’ December 22, 2014

Gary Cass of the Anti-Christian Defamation Commission is blaming the (non-existent) “Antichrist spirit” for the (non-existent) War on Christmas. But wait, I thought the War on Christmas was over and Bill O’Reilly won? I wish these guys would get on the same page.

Cass warned that “the spirit of Antichrist” has been “fairly emboldened because of the political landscape over the last few years,” suggesting that President Obama’s electoral victories have encouraged anti-Christmas warriors.

“The people that are on the other side of this issue because of what they probably misinterpreted as, ‘gosh secularism is winning,’ and I think President Obama is a poster child for that, so they think, ‘we’re on the ascendency,’ so I think that’s emboldened them,’” he said, adding that Christmas-haters are trying to usurp religious holidays “in order to get attention” since “they don’t have anything that’s worthwhile, I joke that the only holiday that the atheists have is April 1st.”

What a hilarious joke.

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  • roggg

    O’Reilly said he won the war, and there’s no more anti-christmas activity. They need to get their stories straight.

  • “Anti-Christian Defamation Commission.” There are a whole bunch of ways to parse that name and most of them don’t mean what I assume they want it to mean. Are they opposed to defamation of Christians? Or, are they promoting defamation of Christians? Or defaming anti-Christians? Are you sure that this isn’t a Poe?

  • Christmas-haters are trying to usurp religious holidays…

    Next up: flood Easter with rabbit imagery, egg hunts, followed by a roast on Sunday! Moo ha-ha!

  • Moon Jaguar

    The antichrist, atheists and Obama in a single message — the wingnut trifecta!

  • Sastra

    They need to get on the same page as to whether turning Christmas into a national holiday or keeping Christmas for Christians is the “war” they’re fighting. One does not lead to the other.

    It’s as if they thought nonchristians would think Christmas without Jesus wasn’t “special” enough for them to celebrate. Ha ha — no.

  • Larry

    Dear editor,

    I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say there is no war on Christmas. Papa says if you see it on FTB, it is so. Please tell the truth. Is there a war on Christmas?

    Virginia O’Hanlon

    No war on Christmas? What are you smokin’, little lady. Thank God, there IS a war on Christmas. And as long as there is coin in the pockets of those who aren’t me and who are dumber than fence posts, there will always be a war. Now, go tell your little friends what you’ve learned here and have them pony up toot sweet. Make sure they go throught their mama’s purse, as well. This war won’t win itself.

  • “Gary Cass of the Anti-Christian Defamation Commission…”

    Yes, the ACDC are bunch of cranks. But their Christmas Ball is one of the biggest I have ever seen. I was thunderstuck by its size!

  • Mike

    ACDC brought Hell’s Bells to the War on Christmas!

  • karmacat

    AC/DC also has Big Balls

  • Obama is a Christian. He’s Church of Christ. What I get out of this is that Christianity is too diverse, too outdated, and too contradictory to have much use in politics.

  • I prefer the spirit of the Unclechrist. Instead of meaningless Wars on Christmas he brings me delicious double chocolate donuts.

  • Erp

    Obama is United Church of Christ (UCC) not Church of Christ (CoC) and there are many big differences between the two. The most relevant might be that the UCC is on average the most liberal of the major US Christian denominations (some joke that UCC actually stands for unitarians considering Christ); CoC is among the more conservative (e.g., the UCC has had women ministers for over a century and a half, CoC still doesn’t have them).

  • Erp, Church of Christ, United Church of Christ…what about the Uncoordinated Church of Christ? (Motto: We Can’t Get Our Shit Together.”)

  • Michael Heath

    Ed reports:

    Gary Cass of the Anti-Christian Defamation Commission

    Gary Cass states:

    . . . the only holiday that the atheists have is April 1st.

    So Mr. Cass promotes the non-defamation of Christians while defaming non-Christians. Why am I not surprised at Mr. Cass’ demonstrated lack of integrity?

    Given Mr. Cass’s hypocritical dishonesty, I suspect he also conflates the credible criticism of conservative Christians behaving badly by falsely describing such criticism as defamation.

  • chilidog99

    It’s nice to see Krampus getting some press.

  • matty1

    @5 I think they might be dumb enough to imagine that if they combine ‘Christmas is only for Christians’ and ‘everyone must celebrate Christmas’ it will cause non Christians to convert.

  • Ed:

    What a hilarious joke.

    I’m not laughing.

    Shouldn’t these people be locked up for their own safety?

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Our esteemed host has misrepresented his otherwise-deserving target, whether deliberately (to inspire certain drollery in these comments) or from innocent haste (just what does he do afk?) those in a better position to judge must say.

    Just ftr: Cass’s consortium is called the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, at least by twoo believers and picayune pedants.

  • dan4

    @18″…at least by twoo believers….”

    What was that about “innocent haste” again?

  • dingojack

    No carelessness Dan, those CADC believers are really owls.

    😉 Dingo

  • yoav

    I joke that the only holiday that the atheists have is April 1st.”

    Did he pay Eric “baby dino” Hovind royalties for this “joke”.

  • dingojack

    I think he owes royalties to the estate of Charles Walcott…


  • slavdude

    On this holy day of Festivus, I’m still waiting to see the lamestream media showcasing the schools we built for the elves liberated from Santa’s workshop during the War on Christmas.