Ben Carson Isn’t Exactly a Con Law Genius

Ben Carson Isn’t Exactly a Con Law Genius December 23, 2014

Ben Carson is running for president and decided to demonstrate for one and all that he has absolutely no clue what the Constitution says or means. Please witness one of the dumbest arguments you will ever encounter for why Obamacare is unconstitutional.

The likely GOP presidential candidate explained that the law helps some people while hurting others, so is therefore unconstitutional: “Your solution should be something that represents all the people. The Constitution says one of the purposes, in the preamble, it says is for the ‘promote the general welfare.’ What that means is that we do things that help everybody, we don’t pick this group and say, ‘We’re going to help you at the expense of this group over here.’ That’s not promoting the general welfare so we’re actually violating the Constitution in that sense.”

In that case, a whole host of laws could be considered unconstitutional since nearly everyone can point to a law that they think affects them negatively while helping others. “It wasn’t really about health care, it’s about control,” Carson said of the health care law.

*headpalmfacedesk* Seriously, saying something that fucking stupid should cause physical pain. By that standard every law is unconstitutional. There is not a single law that could possibly be passed that would benefit everyone. Public policy always involves tradeoffs. This guy wants to be president, for crying out loud.

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