Wiles: Russia Will Nuke Us, God Won’t Save Us

Wiles: Russia Will Nuke Us, God Won’t Save Us December 23, 2014

Rick Wiles, the deranged windbag behind the TruNews radio show who just adores Vladimir Putin, says that our sanctions against Russia, which he falsely thinks were in response to that country’s anti-gay policies (they were in response to Crimea and Ukraine), will cause Putin to nuke us and God won’t intervene to help us.

On his radio show “Trunews” this week, Wiles predicted that the U.S. will provoke Russia into using nuclear weapons “and just obliterate us while we sleep at night.”

And when this happens, Wiles warned, God won’t come to America’s aid: “We are on the edge of World War III and this time the United States of America does not have divine protection because we’ve become a nation of homosexuals and atheists and lesbians and God-haters.”

He said that Americans will instead cry out to their “gay god” while Russia pummels the country with nukes. “Is your gay god going to come and save you?” he asked.

See atheists, especially gay atheists, it’s all your fault that God won’t help us when Putin nukes us! Now you go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done!

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