Fischer: Obama Opening Up Cuba Because He’s a Marxist

Fischer: Obama Opening Up Cuba Because He’s a Marxist December 25, 2014

Earlier this year Bryan Fischer took a trip to Cuba, came back and said that the embargo against that country should be lifted. Now that Obama has done just that, of course, he thinks it’s a bad idea and that Obama is only doing it because he’s a Marxist just like Castro.

“I think, frankly, Barack Obama sees that he’s in the same fraternity with Fidel Castro,” Fischer said. “They are fellow communists. I think he envies Castro; Castro has an authority that he can only dream of possessing, so I think he is just doing a solid to another member of the communist dictator club, or communist dictator wannabe club.”

Fischer then cited a column that appeared a few years ago in Pravda as proof that Obama is a communist, saying that Obama “is following in the footsteps of Marx, it’s the Marxist ideology, the Marxist agenda that he is trying to implement, so let’s be honest, this guy is a communist. No matter what you want to call him, he’s just a communist.”

This whole claim that Obama is a communist is just SO. FUCKING. STUPID. Are the means of production still in private hands in this country? Then we aren’t socialist or communist. And nothing Obama has done has even remotely led to such a conclusion. Absolutely nothing. This is just a slur.


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  • Pierce R. Butler

    Are the means of production still in … this country?

    The question of socialism as such becomes increasingly moot.

  • Artor

    Pierce wins the thread at #1. Go ahead & close the comments on this one, Ed.

  • ehmm

    Well that didn’t take long.

    Expect a chorus of this noise in the new year.

  • blf

    Odronea hasn’t nuked Cuba! Therefore he’s a commie!

    Odronea hasn’t nuked France! Therefore he’s a froggie!!

    Odronea failed to nuke South Carolina!!! Therefore he’s anti-USA!!!

    Odronea hasn’t nuked Africa!!!! Therefore he’s importing Ebola!!!!

    Odronea hasn’t nuked The Moon!!!!! Therefore he’s an alien!!!!!

    Odronea hasn’t nuked Benghazi!!!!! Therefore he’s hiding something!!!!!!