British Bigots Just as Dumb as American Ones

British Bigots Just as Dumb as American Ones December 27, 2014

I’m almost relieved to find out that anti-gay bigots in England are every bit as stupid and obnoxious as anti-gay bigots in America. Asked about whether gay people particularly like having sex with animals, a member of the UK Independence Party said yes. Because a donkey tried to rape his horse. I’m serious.

John Rees-Evans, who is running for Cardiff South and Penarth in May’s general election, told the bizarre story to protesters outside a new campaign office in Merthyr Tydfil.

An anti-Ukip demonstrator had asked him to respond to a string of controversial quotes by fellow party members, including on from Dr Julia Gasper in Oxford, who allegedly claimed that “some homosexuals prefer sex with animals”.

“Actually, I’ve witnessed that,” Mr Rees-Evans responded. “I’ve got a horse and it was there in the field. And a donkey came up…which was male, and I’m afraid tried to rape my horse.”

The stallion bit the “homosexual donkey” in defence, the former soldier continued, saying he leapt to the animal’s defence and hit the horse to protect it.

Bryan Fischer and Scott Lively would be so proud.

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