Mikey Weinstein Attacked by a Highly Dishonest Yappy Dog

Mikey Weinstein Attacked by a Highly Dishonest Yappy Dog December 27, 2014

This is actually about a year and a half old, but it was just brought to my attention. It’s a blog post by a guy named Coleman Luck, supposedly a Hollywood producer and a Vietnam vet. And it’s just chock full of lies and stupidity, beginning with the very first paragraph:

I’ve been thinking a lot about Mikey Weinstein, the atheist who is leading the charge against Christians in the military. Let me tell you a story.

No, let me give you some inconvenient facts. First, Mikey is not an atheist. I know, it’s so much easier to frame the situation as the evil atheist against the good Christians, but that’s simply not the case. Nor is he “leading the charge against Christians in the military.” The overwhelming majority of the soldiers that MRFF helps are Christians. He is leading the charge against Christian privilege and imposition of religion in the military. These are not even remotely the same thing, but your inability to make such distinctions is duly noted right up front.

He then tells a story about how a superior officer tried to make him drink a beer in Vietnam but he bravely refused and didn’t file a complaint over it. Based on that irrelevant fact, he then continues his absurd attack on Mikey:

I’ve read the story of Mikey Weinstein and his son who both complained bitterly that Christians had harassed them at the Air Force Academy. Let me be clear, I don’t believe in harassing anyone ever for their religious beliefs or lack of them. (There are plenty of other reasons to harass people that are far more enjoyable.) But Christians have been harassed in the military for almost 2000 years. (Read the story that comes out of ancient Rome called the 40 Martyrs of Sebaste. They were the pride of the Roman army and they died for their faith.) As a Christian, you expect harassment and discrimination. It comes with the territory wherever you are. So suck it up.

I think I’ve heard this one before. It began “Dear Muslima.” Some Christians were killed in the Roman military, so therefore….what, exactly? His argument is that therefore Christian officers in the military should be allowed to treat non-Christian soldiers unequally and impose their religious views on them. And he actually thinks this is a reasonable argument. Not the sharpest bulb in the sign, to say the least.

I don’t think the real issue for Mikey Weinstein is oppression because of his atheism. Neither do I think it’s oppression because he and his son are Jews. I’ve known brave, tough soldiers who were atheists and Jews. They could take anything thrown at them and they have my eternal respect both as men and warriors. I think the real issue for Mikey Weinstein and his son is gutlessness. They are wusses. Mama’s boys. I’ve known boys like this in the army. They couldn’t take the heat. While the other men were sucking it up and going through the rough training, they were writing to their Congressman.

The military is a crucible. It brings out the best or the worst in a person. If you are a whiner and a complainer you get no respect and that must haunt you. I suppose it might make you furious enough to spend the rest of your life lashing out at those you blame for your own failure. I’m sure it would be important to convince yourself that, in reality, you aren’t a coward, you’re really a defender of freedom. I feel sorry for Mikey Weinstein and his son. They should have our pity, not our anger.

You know who I don’t feel sorry for? Moronic assholes like Coleman Luck. I don’t pity them, I despise them. They are everything that is wrong with the world. And by what possible measure has Mikey been a failure? He was an Air Force officer, part of the JAG corps, a legal counsel in the White House under Ronald Reagan, and chief counsel to Ross Perot. If that’s failure, what would success be? Oh, and he’s still not an atheist.

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