Local Christians Want Bible Sign Returned to Public Park

Local Christians Want Bible Sign Returned to Public Park December 28, 2014

I wrote a few weeks ago about a public park not far from me where the parks department removed a sign that had a Bible verse on it after someone complained about it. Now, predictably, the local faithful are all riled up and demanding that the sign be returned.

Some residents in western Michigan’s Ottawa County want a sign bearing the Bible’s Psalm 19:1 restored to a public park where it had been posted for decades…

Current policy prohibits signs that are not used for information, Scholtz said.

“We add and remove signs, buildings and structures from the parks on a routine basis,” said Scholtz. “In this case, I consulted the parks commission and then decided to have the sign removed in order to reduce potential conflicts in the park.”…

If Ottawa County allowed it to be returned, other religious expressions might have to be allowed, Scholtz added.

He asked a county lawyer to review the issue and make a recommendation. The opinion is expected to be ready by Jan. 13 when county commissioners discuss the sign issue.

County officials said they are not sure who authorized placing the sign in the park decades ago. They said they also don’t know why Psalm 19:1 was chosen.

“I don’t know what the board will decide, but I think we need to have the discussion,” said County Commissioner Dennis VanDam, of Georgetown Township.

One man, Aaron Cooley-Themm, said he has collected about 800 signatures on a petition supporting the sign’s return.

Obvious response: So what? I don’t care if you have 50,000 signatures, the law is still the law and the government still can’t put a sign on public property with a Bible verse on it. That is endorsing religion, something it cannot do.

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