Chuck Todd Gives Up the Game

Chuck Todd Gives Up the Game December 29, 2014

Chuck Todd, host of Meet the Press and one of the worst “journalists” in the media, just admitted to what anyone else who has worked in journalism already knew, that the reason why the big networks won’t really do their job is because they know they won’t get interviews if they’re too tough on politicians.

The Daily Show‘s Lewis Black said that it was unfair to blame comedy for cynicism when many Americans were even more angry than comedians.

“I have watched you and everybody else,” he told Todd, “where somebody comes on, and I don’t know how you do it because I’d be barking at them.”

“We all sit there because we know the first time we bark is the last time we do the show,” Todd explained. “There’s something where all of the sudden nobody will come on your show.”

Which is why no one should take you or your fellow hacks seriously. The only real journalism going on is in print, either in newspapers or the internet. If you are failing to ask tough questions and do real investigative journalism because you’re afraid of not getting access, you’re no longer a journalist, you’re a lapdog.

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