Farah Has the Best. Idea. Ever.

Farah Has the Best. Idea. Ever. December 31, 2014

Joseph Farah has launched a petition to get House Republicans to remove John Boehner as Speaker (sorry, I mean he’s launched a petition to get a bunch of email addresses he can use to sell shit to), which isn’t going to happen. And he has some awesome ideas on who should replace him:

But House Republicans need to start thinking outside the box. They need to stop cowering in fear of Boehner and his leadership cabal. They need to think in terms of historic opportunities.

For instance, did you know House Republicans are not constrained in their choice of speaker to those in the House of Representatives?

I understand there’s a tradition in selecting a speaker from among the ranks of House members. But it’s not a legal requirement. In fact, the House could select anyone. If they don’t find someone among their own ranks qualified for this second most important constitutional office, they could go outside.

Let me throw some names out there just for the fun of it:

Dr. Ben Carson

Newt Gingrich

Ted Cruz

How would you like to see any one of those men replace Boehner? Do you think any of them could provide some vision and direction for the House? How about others? Do you see what I mean?

Do I ever! We have to make this happen. I want to do the first interview with Newt Gingrich after he’s sworn in as the new Speaker of the House:

“Hey Newt, this must bring back a real sense of deja vu for you. Last time you were speaker, you were trying to impeach President Clinton for getting a blowjob while having an affair with one of your staffers, who would eventually replace your second wife, with whom you had cheated on your first wife. Any prospects for the lucky fourth Mrs. Gingrich?”

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