How Fox News Mainstreams the Far Right Fringe

How Fox News Mainstreams the Far Right Fringe January 1, 2015

One recurring theme on this blog for years has been the way the far-right fringe has been mainstreamed in the conservative media and the Republican party. Media Matters demonstrates that yet again with a list of some of the people brought on Fox News as guests. Any list where Victoria Jackson is not the most bizarre of the bunch is one hell of a list.

Last fall, a fringe group of activists organized what they claimed would be a massive rally involving thousands of disgruntled truckers protesting the government. The movement was given an assist by conservative websites and Fox News, which hosted organizer Zeeda Andrews to plug the protest. During an appearance on On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, Andrews explained that the goal of the event was to oust Obama from office because he “is a threat to our national security.”

Not mentioned by Fox during the segment? That Andrews believes Obama is a “threat to our national security” in part because she thinks, somehow, that “Osama Bin Laden is our President Obama.” According to a comment Andrews posted on YouTube in 2013, people should “do your research” because the “CIA has been preparing for” swapping Obama and bin Laden since the president “was a boy. They have same height, bone structure, hands and ears both are left handed the Osama face was created by Hollywood. The fox is in the hen house.”

Andrews apparently also identifies as a fan of at least two conspiracy theory films about 9-11; thinks Obama is secretly a Muslim; that the Department of Homeland Security is planning to massacre Americans and that the Boston Marathon bombings were a “false flag” attack.

And our old friend Erik Rush:

WND columnist Erik Rush has made numerous appearances on Fox News in recent years to attack President Obama and Democrats.

In addition to dabbling in well-worn nonsense about Obama’s birth certificate and the president’s supposedly thinly-veiled Marxism, Rush has pushed several utterly absurd conspiracy theories about the government.

For example, in a column posted last year, Rush argued that President Obama’s alleged connections to the Muslim Brotherhood suggest his administration may have “orchestrated” the terror attacks in Benghazi. As part of his evidence that the Obama administration would do something like orchestrate an attack on American diplomatic facilities, Rush referenced the “unresolved Trinity United murders,” the monumentally idiotic conspiracy that Obama and his associates possibly murdered members of Obama’s old church in order to cover up the president’s hidden homosexuality.

Right Wing Watch has an extensive archive of the various ridiculous things Rush has said over the years. Among them arguing that Obama is “enslaving” white people; positing that the Navy Yard shooting was a false flag operation designed to prevent the Navy from arresting Obama for treason; claiming that Obama is murdering his critics; and just last week, suggesting Obama has been secretly creating “jihadi cells across country in order to ‘have his back’ in the event that a move is made to remove him.”

Despite all of this, Rush has made at least a dozen appearances on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program since 2010.

Of course he has. Because the reality these days is that no one is so far gone that they won’t be given a platform on Fox News and other conservative media. It doesn’t matter how bizarre and ludicrous your claims are, you will find an eager audience on Fox, in the Worldnetdaily, on Newsmax and other right wing outlets.

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